Best Places to Visit in Cherry Hill

Cherry Hill was a 19th century farm located on Kaighn Avenue ( Road 38), and owned by Abraham Browning.  

Cherry Hill Mall

This is what makes it so enjoyable. You can see the “cherry” theme throughout the mall, not just in the colors, but also in the curving nature of the walls. 

Crosswater SUP

Your first lesson will take place in a calm, safe environment, just 20 minutes from Philadelphia, at Cooper River Park, Cherry Hill, NJ. 

The Children’s Entertainment Expert

Their party accessories are top-notch! They use only the best materials! They use top-of the-line FDA approved face paints and Qualatex balloons. 

Romantic Getaway

Champagne is available on Friday and Saturday evenings. Some rooms have waterfalls and fireplaces.  

Caffe Aldo Lamberti

There is also a patio where you can enjoy their award-winning wines. Caffe Aldo Lamberti offers the ideal setting for any occasion. 

Garden State Discovery Museum

Your child will be encouraged to use their imagination and creativity, regardless of age, so that they are enthusiastic about learning. 

Chopper’s Hatchet House

Chopper’s Hatchett house hosts special events like fundraisers, tournaments, and axe throwing competitions.