Best Places to Visit in Bnagor

These industries saw the Penobscot River as the main draw, connecting to the Atlantic Ocean about 30 miles downstream

The Eisenhower North Pier

 The Eisenhower Pier is the result. Guillemots are also found at the Pier, which is home to some very elusive and erratic Guillemots.

Pickie Fun Park

It is now a Fun Park with tons of family fun, or at the very least, for the children. Attractions include the Pickie Puffer (a kids train track), Disco Ducks,

The Coastal Path

There are many scenic spots along this route (as shown in our amazing video below), including coves

Bangor Main Street

This is true for most/most British towns, to be fair. Thanks to Amazon and out-of-town shops, it’s also the case in many British cities.

Castle Park and Town Hall

This area is a good starting point for exploring Bangor’s central town center. You can also start your exploration with the nearby Castle Park.

North Down Museum

This was its older and better name before it gained’museum status’. They wanted to be proud. Bangor Museum isn’t one of the worst I’ve seen.