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 Jakarta, Indonesia

Best Places To Explore In Jakarta, Indonesia


The Istigal Mosque was built in 1978 to symbolize the country's independence.                                                                                       

Istiqlal Mosque

SeaWorld Ancol  


It appeals to everyone, whether they're traveling alone or with their families.                                                        


White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Thousand Islands 

The stunning islands of Pulau Serib can be found on the North Coast in Jakarta. 

Although the Cathedral is not as large as the Istiqlal Moque, it is still one the best places in Jakarta. 

Jakarta Cathedral  

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

This is the best place to go if you want an authentic experience of Indonesian culture. 


Istana Merdeka, the presidential palace in the center of Jakarta, is one of the most popular attractions. 

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