Best Local Dishes Of Malaysia



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Nasi Lemak 

This Malay dish is considered the country's national dish. Nasi, the Malay word meaning rice, is used to describe it. 



Beef Rendang 

It can be made from beef, chicken, duck, or water buffalo, or vegetables like jackfruit and cassava. 

Char Koay Teow


One of Malaysia's most popular street foods is Char Koay Teow. This delight has a Chinese influence.  



You can serve it with meat, fish, or tofu. You can make the soup coconut- or tamarind-based. 





This delicacy is a very popular one that was brought to Malaysia by Indian Muslim traders from the Tamil Nadu region.  

Curry Mee (also known as Curry Laksa) is another Malaysian dish. Imagine a mixture of Indian, Chinese, Thai, Thai, and Malaysian cuisines. Curry Mee will give you that.