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Best Brunch Places in Chicago


The name is of the owner’s great-grandmother whose southern roots and recipes were his inspiration for the restaurant.  

Luella’s Southern Kitchen



Share a cinnamon bun with your friend or sip on a bottle of bubbles, the place is perfect for a memorable brunch.  


White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Lula Kitchen  

Relish flavourful delicacies amidst the warm ambiance of this cosy restaurant.                                                                     

From Scallion Mascarpone Avo Toast, and breakfast burritos stuffed with scrambled eggs .

Summer House Santa Monica  

Palm Tree
Palm Tree

The Allis

From traditional dishes to specially crafted creations, you’ll find it all at The Allis.


Some of their must-haves include warm coconut pudding, halloumi pita sandwiches, and avocado toast.  

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