Best Airbnb in Honolulu

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be one of the first to enjoy this micro-apartment complete with AC, smart TV and high-speed internet ideal for remote working 

Hosted by Mark G.


Hosted by Dan   

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This is a safe ,clean , quiet and consider a good location place to start your trip and to get good rest for the next day 

Unit is on 38th floor of the Hawaiian Monarch Hotel/Condo building and comes with queen bed 

Hosted by Shujie  


Hosted by Richard 

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the Bedroom is equipped with 40 inch smart TV, air conditioning, and Bar fridge 


Hosted by Justin  

Air conditioner, television, kitchenette, queen bed, queen pull-out bed, beach gear (cooler, mat, bag, floaties) and cooking supplies. 

Hosted by  Adeline   

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The building has paid laundry facilities, paid parking for $35/day and amenities such as pool, hot tub, BBQ area and paid gym.