Best Places to Visit in Norwalk

Add these Places of Norwalk in your Bucket-list if you're Planning for the trip....... 

Norwalk Park

The city’s most famous park, Norwalk Park, is home to many  basketball fans. You can either watch or take in a game at Norwalk Park.

Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex

Norwalk Arts and Sports Complex

You can exercise in Norwalk by visiting the Norwalk Arts and Sports  Complex. Residents are welcome to purchase a day pass for the facility.

Aquatic Pavilion

The full-sized outdoor swimming pool is perfect for cooling off or  getting in a good workout. You can also take swimming lessons or  participate in other fitness classes.

Hargitt House

The Historical Society oversees the Hargitt House, which is  open to the public at least once a month. It is an icon of Norwalk's  period architecture.

Norwalk Nature Center

The Norwalk Nature Center is open multiple times per month. It is the ideal place to take your family.

Cultural Arts Center

Cultural Arts Center

The Cultural Arts Center in Norwalk offers a variety of classes and workshops that will inspire your creativity.

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