Bellingham : Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Bellingham , Washington

Whatcom Falls Park 

There's more to the park than just the waterfalls. You can spend an hour wandering through the park's 241 acres. There are miles of peaceful, forested trails and a 100-year old railroad trestle that sits silently above Whatcom Creek.

SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention 

Bay Street is home to the Spark museum of electrical invention. This indoor attraction is a favorite in Whatcom County. The SPARK Museum's signature display features the largest lightning machine in America, The MegaZapper from Tesla. 

Fairhaven Park

Fairhaven is a landmark in Bellingham's tourism industry. It boasts Victorian-era buildings, brick roads and stunning views of Bellingham Bay. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places making it even more famous. 

Larrabee State Park

Larrabee State Park, Washington's first park, has been a popular spot since it was opened in 1915. This 2,748-acre camping area offers 8,100 feet of saltwater shoreline along Samish Bay, 100 years later. 

Galbraith Mountain

It offers endless possibilities for different activities.Adventurers mainly endorse this place as there are a lot of hiking and biking trails here.It is officially maintained by the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and boasts more than 50 miles of paved biking trails. 

Chuckanut Mountains

You can enjoy stunning views of San Juan Islands and the Samish flats' oyster beds below. Do you need to stretch your legs. You can take off at the trailheads to Fragrance Lake or Teddy Bear Cove. 

Bellingham Farmers Market 

If you are a fan of organic products, the farmers' market is a must-visit.It supports the local organic farms that bring their products to the table.You can enjoy freshly prepared homemade goods and join in the events that take place in the square.