Bellevue : Top 7 Places to Visit in Bellevue

Bellevue Botanical Garden 

These gardens include the entrance garden, alpine rock, dahlia, entrance, fuchsia, ground cover, Lost Meadow Trail and native discovery, perennial border, waterwise, and Yao Japanese gardens. A bridge crosses a ravine and is also part of the park. 

Lake Sammamish State Park 

Their "potlatch," or winter festival was held at the south end the lake. Here they hunted and fished, as well as berry-collected in preparation for winter. Sammamish is a term derived from "Samena", an Indian word that means "hunter". 

Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park  

This place is amazing and we spent a lot more time there than we expected. Only a third of the park was completed. This is the first part of our exploration of Cougar Mountain. 

cougar mountain zoo  

CMZ was established in 1972 by Peter Rittler, Zoo Director, and Marcie McCaffray, Mammal Curator. It was initially designed as an educational facility that would be associated with Cougar Mountain Academy in Cougar Mountain, which Rittler also established in 1962. 

Saint Edward State Park  

was named after Edward the Confessor who was king of England during the 11th century. In 1977, the seminary was closed and the Archdiocese purchased 316 acres for the use of a state park. In 1978, the park was opened.  

Bellevue Downtown Park 

The 10-acre lawn area, Inspiration Playground, and formal gardens boast a view of Bellevue's skyline as well as Mount Rainier, and are popular for picnics and other community outings. 

Luther Burbank Park 

Located on the northeast end of Mercer Island, Luther Burbank Park features spectacular views of Lake Washington, and has facilities for several water-based activities, including swimming, boating and fishing.