Places to Visit in Baldwin Park

Morgan Park

Morgan Park

Morgan Park is an excellent place to take your family, including Baldwin  Park. The park offers many amenities that will delight the heart and  soul of all members of the family.

Walnut Creek Nature Park

Walnut Creek Nature Park offers the ideal place to relax and enjoy  nature. The park was founded in 1980 and offers many outdoor activities  for families and individuals who wish to enjoy a beautiful encounter  with nature.

Baldwin Park Pizza Company

Baldwin Park Pizza Company has been around for nearly three decades.  Unique about this company is the fact that its founder still owns it.

Baldwin Park Teen Center

High school students will find opportunities to meet and have fun at the Baldwin Park Teen Center or Skate Park.

Barnes Park

Barnes Park

Another popular place for family outings is Baldwin Park’s Barnes Park.  The park has many programs and activities for both children and their  parents.

Tortas Sinaloa

Baldwin Park is also home to the delicious Tortas Sinaloa Tortas  tortillas. The state’s best tortillas are a hallmark of this restaurant.