Avalon: Top 8 Places to visit in Avalon, CA

Catalina Undersea Exp Edition

The stunning underwater world of Southern California Coastline is a must-see. Viator Tours offers daily trips to stunning reefs, where you can see tropical marine life in their natural habitat from the semi submerged vessel. 

Catalina Island Fishing Trips 

Catalina Island is the perfect place to relax if fishing is your thing. There are many schools of fish that surround the island, which bring in larger sport fish like Yellowtail and Seabass. 

Catalina Casino 

This beautiful architectural gem was built in 1928 and is a major tourist attraction in Avalon. Catalina Casino, a theater and ballroom located right on Avalon Bay, is an Art Deco-style venue that will appeal to even the most architecturally discerning guests. 

Island Water Sports 

Catalina Island has many water sports to enjoy! Descanso Beach offers kayaks and paddleboards to allow you to experience the stunning blue waters close up. 

Hermit Gulch Trail Hike 

There are many beautiful trails that you can hike along the coast. The trail leads you to Lone Tree Point, a final destination of 6.2 miles (10 km). This moderately difficult trail is loved by nature lovers and hikers alike.  

Wrigley Botanical Garden

This is California at its best. The gardens are stunning and will give you a true sense of the Southwest as you walk through their well-kept grounds. The desert heat is a striking contrast to the ocean. 

Lover’s Cove 

Lover’s Cove is a stunning retreat. This scenic walk is located along Pebbly Beach Road and is a popular snorkeling and swimming area. The clear, blue waters of California are breathtaking and visitors are amazed at the beauty of the marine life. 

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour allows you to zip through Descanso Canyon at 600 feet (182 metres) above sea level. You will be able to zip safely over treetops and stop at eco-stops to learn more about wildlife and the environment.