Avalon: Top 8 Places to visit in Avalon, CA

Catalina Undersea Exp Edition

The Catalina Undersea Expedition, a great way to discover this activity for families and an essential part of Catalina Island, is ideal.

Catalina Island Fishing Trip

The fisherman’s tale about the “big one” is well-known. Here on Catalina Island, there are many opportunities to catch a great catch. 

Catalina Casino

The iconic structure is 12 stories tall and has an interior decorated with sterling silver accents and gold leaf accents. This ornate building also serves to shelter the entire Avalon population, with a 2-week food supply. 

Hermit Gulch Trail Hike

There are many beautiful trails that you can hike along the coast. The trail leads you to Lone Tree Point, a final destination of 6.2 miles (10 km). This moderately difficult trail is loved by nature lovers and hikers alike. 

Wrigley Botanical Gardens 

The gardens are stunning and will give you a true sense of the Southwest as you walk through their well-kept grounds. The desert heat is a striking contrast to the ocean.  

Lover’s Cove

The clear, blue waters of California are breathtaking and visitors are amazed at the beauty of the marine life. The stunning backdrop of the coast mountains is perfect for the sparkling waves of Avalon Harbor. 

Catalina Island Zip Line Eco Tour

Safety instructions and equipment instruction will be provided by the guides. Family members are welcome. This highly recommended zip-line tour is a great way to learn more about wildlife and ecology.