Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Auburn, NY 

#1 Emerson Park

Emerson Park is 135 acres and located at the northern end Owasco lake with 1 mile of lake frontage and 2 miles of riverfront.

#2 Harriet Tubman House

The Harriet Tubman House, Harriet Tubman Home For the Elderly, and the AME Zion Church are National Historic Landmarks.

#3 Shepherds Brewing Co

This is a must-have for Auburn. Family owned and available to assist you with your craft beer.

#4 Willard Chapel

The Willard Chapel, built between 1892-1894, is a rare example of Louis C. Tiffany and Tiffany Glass and Decoration Co.’s work.

#5 Schweinfurth Art Center

The museum claimed Schweinfurth’s bequest would do more good in the hands a large metropolitan museum

#6 Ward W. O’Hara Agricultural Museum

The Agricultural & Country Living Museum features farm implements and antiques that changed the American way of living.

#7 Falcon Park

It is now a 2,800-capacity facility that offers high-quality pro baseball and a friendly atmosphere.