Amazing Places To Visit In Salinas, California

Most of these buildings have been standing since the late 19th century.


The National Steinbeck Center 

The National Steinbeck Center is an excellent place to visit if you're a fan of John Steinbeck.  

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The Steinbeck House         

The Steinbeck House is a perfect place to spend a day.                                                                                   

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Monterey Zoo 

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The case revolves around the alleged trafficking of endangered red ruffed lemurs.                                      

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Tatum's         Garden 

Tatum's Garden in Salinas, California, is a fully accessible playground for children of all abilities.

Salinas Valley Art Gallery  

Valley Art Gallery is located on Main Street near the Steinbeck Center and is a great place to browse for art.  

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Maya Cinema  

The Maya Cinema is a movie theater in downtown Salinas, California. You can see a movie here for the whole family.  

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