Amazing Places To Visit In Lancaster, California

It is home to more than 165,000 residents, and is predominantly agricultural in nature.


Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve 

While the poppy reserve doesn't see much bloom right now, it's still worth a visit to see this beautiful flower. 

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Museum of Art  

Visitors are sure to enjoy a visit to the museum of art and history in Lancaster.                                                                    

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Performing Arts Center 

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The Performing Arts Center is a modern, intimate venue for dance, music, theater and workshops for children.

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The Western Hotel Museum  

The building has a rich history, spanning over a century of the area.

Indian Museum State Historic Park 

The museum features Native American artifacts from the Southwestern and Great Basin regions. 

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The Aerospace Walk of Honor 

When visiting Lancaster, California, you can't miss the Aerospace Walk of Honor. 

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