7 Best Nonfictional Places To Visit In Fort Lee, New Jersey

This city also has many iconic landmarks such as the George Washington Bridge. Fort Lee also has many museums.


Palisades Recreation Area

This is the ideal spot to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors while also enjoying outdoor activicamping, and mor .


Hazard Beach

The name is not unusually dangerous, so don’t worry about it. The name actually comes from the Hazard Powder Company, an 1890s explosives company .


Fort Lee Historic Park

This once-reignited war encampment is now a place for relaxation, unwinding, and enjoying the fresh air.


Ross Dock Picnic Area

It offers beautiful views and has restrooms, picnic tables, grills, as well as restrooms


Fort Lee Museum

The Fort Lee Museum is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in filmmaking or old movies.


Constitution Park

Constitution Park has benches, gazebos that have seats and picnic shelters where you can sit, people-watch and rest.


George Washington Bridge

Its name is clear that it was named for George Washington, the first President of the United States.