5 best tourist place to visit in San Antonio, taxes

To begin exploring the city’s history, you can head to the cool King William Historic District, home to San Fernando Cathedral.

San Antonio River Walk

These slow-moving boat tours provide a wonderful escape from city life and are a great way for you to take a break after a long day.

Visit The Alamo

Soon, the Alamo was the cradle for Texan independence. The phrase “Remember Alamo!” became a common refrain.  

Mission Trail & San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

They are today one the city’s most popular tourist attractions. If you are limited on time, visit the Alamo or Mission San Jose

Mission San Juan is the last mission, followed by Mission Espada. The Mission Trail ties the missions. 

Majestic Theatre

The theatre also has the distinction of being the first in the state to have its entire auditorium air-conditioned. 

San Antonio Museum of Art

It spans 5,000 years and includes principal works from ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt, along with Latin American and Pre-Columbian art..