5 Amazing Places To Visit In Springfield, Missouri

For those who love sports, Springfield is home to the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame. This museum honors the sport’s history in Missouri 

Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield

The on-site visitor centre provides more information about the bloody battle. The visitor centre is open seven days per week.  

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Wonders of Wildlife National Museum/Aquarium

Along with the numerous aquariums at Wonders of Wildlife Museum’s many exhibits, the facility also has a wide selection of 4-D wildlife dioramas.  

Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden 

The Mizumoto Tokyo Stroll Garden is easy to see and good for the soul. For adults, the Mizumoto Japanese Garden admission is only four dollars.  

Discovery Center Springfield

One of Springfield’s top attractions for families is The Discovery Center of Springfield. 

Fantastic Cavern

his is a wonderful place to visit with kids if Springfield, Missouri is on your list. Trolley-led tours take place every day,