5 Amazing Places To Visit In San Angelo, Texas 

There are several museums, a thriving art scene, and a variety of things to do in this city. 

Fort Concho National Historic Landmark 

Self-guided tours of the Fort grounds are available. You will see the construction and learn about life on the base. 

The International Waterlily Collection

Landon’s collection can only be viewed in a limited number of years. September and Octuary are the best seasons to view .

Miss Hatties Bordello Museum

Miss Hatties was closed down by Texas Rangers on 1952. Now it is preserved as a small museum.

San Angelo Nature Center

After your visit to the nature centre, you can take a walk to Marylee Park (or Spring Creek Park) to spend some time on the water.  

San Angelo Visitor Center/River Walk

There are four miles of trails, with bridges linking the north and south bank. One of the most impressive is the Celebration Bridge.