The historic city of Fort Smith is located on the banks of the Arkansas River. Its population was 89,142 as of the 2020 census.  

5 amazing place 

Fort Smith, Arkansas

to visit in

Fort Smith’s First Fort Smith circa 1800 and the reconstructions of the Gallows that were once used in federal court.  

Fort Smith National Historic Site


The property has been completely restored to its former grandeur and many exhibits and artifacts will be available for you to see. 

Miss Laura’s Visitor Center


Visitors of all ages enjoy being able to view the magnificent streetcars. The museum also has a vast rail collection, including locomotives and speeders 

Fort Smith Trolley Museum


The bright yellow exterior of this home will welcome you. The original furniture from the 19th century is available for you to view once inside 

Clayton House


If you are interested in exploring but aren’t sure where to start, staff can help you find out about their lake or nature tours.  

Lake Fort Smith State Park