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Wait Chapel In North Carolina – A Must Visit In North Carolina

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Tourist Attractions: Wait Chapel, A Must Visit in North Carolina

Wait Chapel was one of the first buildings built when Wake Forest College moved to Winston-Salem during the 1950s. Despite 1952 being carved into the cornerstone, it was laid in 1953. It also contains a time capsule that holds a 1953 penny and a magnolia Leaf, among other items. 

It was the first building to be constructed on Wake Forest University’s Reynolda campus. In October 1956, Samuel Wait, the university’s first president, gave it its name.

Wait Chapel

Since its completion, the main purpose of this building has been religious. For decades, students attended the mandatory chapel services. It now houses Wake Forest Baptist Church. Wait Chapel has hosted Presidential debates.

Wait Chapel is a beautiful church in Salem, Massachusetts that can be used for a wedding, funeral, or any other special occasion. It is wheelchair-accessible, has a long past. The chapel website has lots of information about the building’s history and upcoming concerts.

Wait Chapel

It has also been home to many speakers, including Condoleezza Rice (2012) and Jay Leno (1989). The Janet Jeffrey Carlile Harris Carillon can be heard in the steeple most weekdays at 5:00pm during academic year.

It is fascinating, if not thrilling, to discuss the building’s past. The archival records show that there were many notable residents. One of them is the father of the current owner. This is a chance to rediscover and reclaim the building’s rich history. 

It can seat 2,250 people. The steeple is 213 feet high. It houses the Williams Organ, which Walter McAdoo Williams donated to Walter M. Williams High school.

The Chapel is connected to an underground network of tunnels that runs through the campus, carrying utilities.

About Samuel Wait:

Samuel Wait, was the first president of Wake Forest College, the most prominent building on campus. The building was thus named after Samuel Wait. He traveled across North Carolina for almost three years to gather support and favor for a Baptist school. 

After obtaining the vote of the North Carolina legislature, the former principal of the Institute was appointed in 1834. After leading the College through financial difficulties, including near bankruptcy in 1841, he resigned as Presidency in 1845

Highlights of The Wait Chapel:

Regular Sunday services are held in the chapel by the Wake Forest Baptist Church. The controversy began in the late 1990s when church members decided to hold a same-sex marriage ceremony. This became the subject of the documentary A Union in Wait.

Wait Chapel hosts many events throughout the year. The Christmas Moravian Lovefeast is a crowd favorite.

While the entire WFU campus is worth visiting, Wait Chapel is a highlight. It is a beautiful and historic building that is the center of campus.

Wait Chapel

Wait Chapel, Wake Forest University hosts concerts in a variety of genres.

Find all the upcoming concerts at Wait Chapel, Wake Forest University. Check out the schedule of concerts and, if you don’t see your favorite artist, track them down and Songkick will let you know when they are coming to your area.


Wait Chapel is a must-see in Winston-Salem. It houses the Williams Organ, one of the most revered organs in the world. Wake Forest Baptist Church hosts a Moravian lovefeast at the Chapel during Christmas. The building can hold 2,250 people making it a popular venue for local funerals and weddings.

Wait Chapel

The Winston-Salem Symphony will perform its annual Concert for Community concert on February 27. The concert is open to all and free of charge. You can also check out the website for the latest information about the symphony if you aren’t able to attend.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

Wait Chapel is accessible for wheelchair users and provides designated seating areas in the hall. The stairs are connected to the ramp that leads to the main parking lot. 

If you are looking at the chapel from the side, the wheelchair entrance is on the left side. Follow the sidewalk to your left after the parking lot ramp. Take a right at Davis Chapel, and you will see a ramp leading into the chapel with a wheelchair lift.

FAQs About Wait Chapel:

How tall is wait chapel?

The chapel seats 2,250 people. The steeple reaches to 213 feet.

How old is wait chapel?

Wait Chapel was one of the first buildings built. Its cornerstone was laid on February 12, 1953.

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