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Volunteering Opportunities While You Travel To Portland

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Tourist Attractions : Volunteering Opportunities In Portland

Stewardship is a core value in Oregon. Combining your vacation with volunteer work is a great way to maintain that goodwill. 

Portland has a variety of volunteer opportunities. If you’re interested in getting more involved with worthwhile projects and associations, there are many ways for you to do so.

These volunteer opportunities offer a way to become involved in the Portland community while making a positive impact on the lives of those around you.


Volunteers are needed by many non-profits in the city, from animal shelters to homeless shelters. Here are some awesome volunteer opportunities in Portland Oregon.

Here are some ways you can give back to Oregon and make it truly special.

The University of Portland provides many opportunities for students who wish to serve the community. Campus Volunteer Coordinators (CVCs), who are responsible for coordinating volunteer service, build relationships with community organizations to welcome students and provide meaningful service opportunities.

Use the contact details on the website of each organization to reach out directly to their staff for more information about volunteer opportunities.

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Join an all-inclusive ‘regenerative travel’ trip

Regenerative travel is about leaving a place better than when you arrived. This is what you will be doing through organizations such as First Nature Tours. Global Family Travels. Cascade Volunteers. Wanderlust Tours. Go Wild USA.

Many organizations provide opportunities all year round. Sign up for their email newsletters and check their social media pages to stay informed about their upcoming events.

Volunteer with Children # 1

There are many ways to get involved with Portland, whether you want to work with children at a local or national organization.

The AARP Experience Corps program helps children to become better readers by fostering a supportive, positive relationship with an older person. 

Volunteer With Children

Volunteers can tutor youths in selected Eastside, North Portland, and Milwaukie Public Schools in reading, mathematics, writing, and other academic disciplines.

You can also donate books to children’s book banks, where you will be able to clean the covers, fix torn pages with tape, remove scribbles, cover inscriptions, and reinforce worn spines. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your children and give back at the same.

Volunteer in Health Care # 2

Volunteering at an international clinic or hospital will allow you to assist in dressing wounds, monitoring vital signs and assisting patients with mobility problems.

You may want to gain some practical experience as a healthcare professional. Consider a medical volunteering trip abroad. You will have the opportunity to help patients who would not normally receive quality care.

Volunteer in Health Care

Volunteering Solutions or Maximo Nivel both offer a good healthcare experience for this size. Both provide housing, orientation and weekly events as well as emergency support so that you can have the best time possible on your medical missions trip. 

Visit their website to learn more about the programs they offer and to sign-up for one of your own.

Volunteer with the Elderly # 3

Consider volunteering with the elderly if you want to have an unforgettable travel experience and also make a positive impact in the community you serve.

You can assist elderly residents in their housework, transport the elderly and disabled or help with other social services.

The Senior Companions Program supports volunteers who are income eligible to help frail elderly adults live at home. This program helps them maintain the highest level of independence.

Volunteer with the Elderly

Safe Homes for Seniors helps older adults stay in their own homes by helping with repairs, yard work and safety improvements. 

You can also help reduce the social isolation many seniors feel by contacting homebound seniors via Friendly Chats Program to make structured safety calls.

Volunteer to assist the homeless # 4

Blanchet house of hospitality offers food, shelter, clothes, and assistance to those who are in need. The organization runs four programs: Residential Program, Blanchet Farm Meal Program and Clothing Program.

The Residential Program was designed to assist people who are struggling with mental illness, addiction, unemployment and other issues. Residents are expected to do modern work such as cooking and serving food in public.

Volunteer to assist the homeless

The Meal Program provides breakfast, lunch and dinner for those in need. The Clothing Program offers clean clothing on a first come, first served basis to those in need.

Volunteering in one of these programs will allow you to contribute to the noble cause of the organization. Volunteers must make care packages for the homeless or make meals for their needy neighbors.

Volunteering for Animals # 5

You can help animals in need by volunteering to rescue and place them. Many organizations in Portland work with cats, dogs and other animals. Volunteering to foster animals is another option.

Newberg Animal Shelter in Newberg, Oregon is a good place to begin. There are many ways to help, including pet sitting or walking dogs.

Animal Aid Portland is an animal welfare organization that operates a cat shelter and other animalcare programs.

The organization’s mission is to improve the welfare of companion animal through education, adoption, and resources.

Volunteering for Animals

It Takes A Pack is an initiative of Animal Aid to share essential animal care products with the community. This allows more people and pets to have access.

Animal Aid Cares Fund is a partnership between local veterinarians and trainers. It provides urgent medical care or behavioral treatment to animals.

Volunteering can be done in many areas, including administrative work, caring for others, socializing, fostering and rescue.

Volunteer For Environment # 6

Help keep Oregon’s 363-mile Pacific coast trash-free if you intend to visit any of it. Solve organizes many events throughout the state every year, including their annual spring and autumn cleanups.

Thousands of volunteers remove thousands of pounds worth of trash on a single day. In addition, The Nature Conservancy hosts cleanup days in waterways and nature areas throughout the state.

Volunteer For Environment

It’s true, caves also need to be cleaned. Join Wanderlust Tours and a headlamp for the annual Lava Tube Cleanup along China Hat Road, southeast of Bend. 

Dress in layers as the work is usually done around the cave mouths. However, it can also be done inside the caves. 

Central Oregon offers many other opportunities, including Smith Rock State Park clean-up days, Central Oregon Trail Alliance projects, Deschutes Land Trust and Deschutes River Cleanup Day.

Volunteer to support women, children and non-conforming genders # 7

Rose Haven, a community centre and one-day refuge on Glisan Street is located in the northwest Portland. The organization is committed to providing a day shelter for women, children and people of all genders who are affected by poverty, abuse, homelessness and other issues.

Volunteer to support women, children and non-conforming genders

The organization focuses its efforts specifically on marginalized Portlanders.

Donations or volunteering can be a great way to contribute. You can fill out the application form on their website.

You will then receive an email inviting you to a volunteer orientation in person.

FAQs About Portland

What is Portland mostly known for?

Portland is perhaps best known for being a sustainability-minded, bike-friendly city with easy access to nature; plentiful coffee, art, craft beer, delicious food and live music.

What are 3 facts about Portland?

1. Portland is home to the word’s smallest park.
2. One of the city’s slogans is “Keep Portland Weird”.
3. Portland is home to the largest independently owned bookstore in the world.

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