USA reports an Average 550000 omicron cases in a day, Biden assures American on Safety

U.S. topped 1 million omicron cases, its highest tally ever. On Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. ET, another 859,245 new cases have been reported. The holiday day season is a probably the cause for this surge. President Joe Biden has assured vaccinated US citizens that they are highly protected.

USA reports An Of Average 550000 omicron cases in a day, Biden Assures American of Safety

There is a lot of pressure on healthcare industry and resulting in flight cancellations. In school teaching has been put to a halt, but Biden wants the school to resume. “You can still get COVID, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll become seriously ill,’’ Biden said

President Joe Biden assured that USA has enough vaccines and booster shots for its citizens. US has doubled its order for covid treatment medicines from 10 million to 20 million pills.

US government is also in process of setting of a website, from which American citizens can order home testing kits for free.