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Trinity Church : A Must Visit To One Of America’s Top 10 Structures

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Tourist Attractions: Trinity Church, Boston, One of America’s Most Important And Historic Churches

Trinity Church in Boston has been considered as one of America’s top 10 structures and has been revered as a classic example of American architecture. It is also known as one of America’s most important and historic churches.

In 1885, a poll of the readership of the American Architect and Building News declared it the finest building in the United States. In the early 1900s, Trinity Church Boston was named as one of America’s most significant buildings by the American Association of Architects. 

Trinity Church

The church was designed by the greatest architect of the day, Henry Hobson Richardson (1838-1886), and constructed between 1872-1877 on the new land created by the filling of the Back Bay.

It was a bold decision taken then, in 1870s, to construct this structure on a marshland in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, when it was first built and dedicated to its purpose.

This magnificent building’s intricately carved exterior, stained-glass windows, colorful murals by La Farge, La Farge wall wallpapers, needle-worked kneelers and stained-glass windows all proclaim the Gospel. 

With such grandeur, Trinity Church is not a museum, but a sacred space of worship and service that hosts a vibrant community made up of faithful Christians and visitors.


The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 had a devastating impact on the industry. The 1870s were a turbulent time in history. The Transcontinental Railroad was built and the U.S. government began to provide military support to western states.

In the latter 1870s, a school was established. Riverside was the location of the first school. Construction cost $1,100. The building was eventually taken over by the Catholic Church.

The town experienced a boom in its business and grew rapidly during the 1870s. The Colorado Central Railroad was another important part of the town’s new railroad. It helped expand the market and improve communication with the rest.

Trinity Church

In mid-nineteenth Century, the Episcopal Church founded by Bishop Johns was established in Ohio. As the diocese grew, many new bishops were appointed, including William White (Samuel Provost), Augustine Van de Vyver (Augustine Van de Vyver) and William White (William White).

You will find many other interesting buildings and monuments near the cathedral. The grand staircase and the stately tower are two of the best preserved. It is worth noting the interior of this cathedral. It is clear from the floor plan that the 1872 great fire was a destructive ravage.

Trinity Church

The church has received many notable renovations. A second church was built in Old English style, and was meant to be an Episcopal temple. However, it was destroyed by fire. In 1877, a new structure of the same type was built.


Trinity Church, Boston, was home to one of the most powerful and influential Episcopalian congregations.

Since its inception in 1876, Richardson wanted the interior of the church to be “a color-church” and asked John La Farge to design and execute a decorative scheme.

Richardson opened up the interior with large stained-glass windows and made it as spacious as possible, even though the Romanesque style is not well-known for its large windows.

Trinity church

Richardson used his favorite Pompeian reds, gold, blues, and green colors with figures painted in tempera paint and encaustic (a wax based pigment). Rev. Phillips Brooks was responsible for the creation of imagery. He used only positive images that represented faith and mission. You wont find any gloomy final judgments or crucifixions.

The Gothic cathedral was constructed to be a symbol of heaven and a vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem. In the Middle Ages, there was a strong desire to see divine reality.

Trinity Church

To save costs and speed up the completion of the project for the congregation who had lost their old church in November 1872’s Boston fire, La Farge was forced to complete the interior painting while the construction scaffolding was still being installed.

This was La Farge’s first major decorative project. It was done under extremely difficult conditions and very quickly. 

La Farge’s first stained glass window for Trinity Church in Boston is one of his finest. It is a stunning portrayal of Christ in Majesty that was designed to face Phillips Brooks and inspire him as he preached from the pulpit.

Trinity Church is one of many Boston attractions that are worth a visit. 

FAQs About Trinity Church

Why is Trinity Church in Boston famous?

Trinity Church, in the City of Boston, is known for its National Historic Landmark Building. This building has been deemed by the American Association of Architects to be one of the country’s top ten buildings. 

How old is Trinity Church Boston?

Trinity Church in Boston is 150 years old.

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