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Tribe Student Accommodation and Temporary Covid Care Center

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Tribe student accommodation started out as a cool student accommodation from Pune. The idea was to provide world class facilities to students. Covid outbreak has caused untold human misery something that the world had not witnessed before. The economy took a nosedive, educational institutions were temporarily shut, and hospitals witnessed a surge in patients. Gradually, hospital rooms became scarce. The Tribe management realized their responsibility towards the society and fellow human being hence, the idea to convert the rooms into isolation center took birth. It is called the ‘Revive Isolation Center’. They are providing all the facilities/amenities and food to the required people in Pune to the asymptomatic patients.

Recommendation by NomadLawyer

The story goes like this, I did my law from Symbiosis Law College, Pune. From my personal experience, I can say “What it means for a student to find a good accommodation in an unknown city”. 

Well to highlight the pain for a student, I will cite some crazy reasons given by the flat owners to vacate the place. I was thrown out of my flat many times in Pune. Please guys, I am not the only one, everyone experiences this shit.  Some of the weirdest reasons were, “you are unmarried” to which I said, “Of Course I will be unmarried, during my college days.  Your female friends come, I said, they will come right, they are friends just like a guy. You play music at night, c’mon man! What do you expect to play music during the day when I am at college or sleeping? one of the owners said, you do drugs, I was like, dude! Are you insane? never ever have tried drugs.

Do Watch: https://youtu.be/bOT026SzAO4

You know what, I changed 10 flats in Pune in 5 years but please don’t judge me I was a decent enough guy, just that I could not find a home away from home, that’s why a concept like Tribe is really a blessing in disguise.

A home away from home with good food is really important for a student. Team Tribe is doing a commendable job in this regard and NomadLawyer highly recommends it and wishes you all the very best for the future.

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Tribe Student Accommodation
The Tribe
The Tribe

What is Tribe Student Accommodation

Tribe provides a student living experience unlike anything in the country. For starters, their facilities are designed by a team that has worked on world-renowned international projects – which have been awarded and featured internationally for.

The Tribe
The Tribe

Company: Tribe Student Accommodation, Pune

Website: tribestays.com

Key Management: 

Yogesh Mehra, Founder & CEO 

Shantam Mehra, Co-Founder

Aman Mehra, Director – Marketing & Tech

The Tribe Community
The Tribe
The Tribe

Tribe Student AccommodationThe Idea

Tribe Student Accommodation was an idea brought into action by Yogesh Mehra, Shantam Mehra, and Aman Mehra in 2018 wherein this family trio realized that students in India had no standardized good accommodation choice to live apart from apartments, university hostels or PGs. Sharing the foundation story of Tribe, Yogesh Mehra, Founder & CEO, Tribe Student Accommodation, says “My sons, Aman Mehra and Shantam Mehra, who are also directors of the company, have been studying and living in hostels throughout their life. Their experience was the foundation for starting Tribe. Also being from the real estate sector for the last 20 years, we realized that there was a need to open up new avenues and new models in real estate that drive growth and solve an extremely real problem in a country that has the largest student population in the world.

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The Tribe
The Tribe

Tribe Student Accommodation: Been Awarded Student Housing of the Year

The student accommodation industry had begun maturing by 2018 with people realizing the need and value for such a product and service. Players with quality operations and service with high standards of hygiene and cleanliness will see flocking customers. The disorganized single-unit players will take an unfortunate hit. Henceforth, Tribe Student Accommodation aims to be India’s top student housing operator with the happiest customers – providing a sector-leading quality of facility and service. We will continue to strive to create top of the line facilities, products and provide an unparalleled service experience using cutting edge technology and real estate know-how. 

The Tribe

Tribe Student Accommodation- What Does it offer

Tribe provides a student living experience unlike anything in the country. For starters, their facilities are designed by a team that has worked on world-renowned international projects – which have been awarded and featured internationally for. Tribe provides everything from great rooms, top-of-the-line food, housekeeping, laundry, linen changes, fitness and training, year-round events, internet and electricity – all in a single price package. Also, they have no curfew timings and are heavily invested in some great custom-built technology for security and hygiene so the company will never lose track of the students. Shantam Mehra, Co-Founder adds, “Tribe has always maintained high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

The Tribe
The Tribe

Tribe Student Accommodation: Covid SOPs

We have had almost no health issues throughout the year. In terms of hygiene, we maintain strict COVID Protocols of distancing and sanitization techniques including food sanitization and complete facility sanitization regularly. In terms of security, all student activity is tracked through their bands and biometrics. This informs us of their entry and exit times. We have 360 degrees CCTV and security personnel along with reputed hospital tie-ups in case of emergencies.”

Further, Aman Mehra, Director – Marketing & Tech asserts, “In the one and a half year since our inception, Tribe has managed to operate 500 beds in 2 cities, with another 1000 beds coming shortly. Our team has been spearheading customer service quality in the student housing industry with some of the highest satisfaction and renewal rates in the country due to our exceptional experience. A major milestone for Tribe was completely selling out our first property (192 beds – Viman Nagar, Pune) within 3 months of launching it in 2019. This academic year we plan to achieve an average of 85-90 percent occupancy across 4 properties.” Tribe have been awarded Student Housing of the Year 2019 (Estate Awards), Hospitality Project of the Year (Real Estate Excellence Awards 2019), India’s Best Design Project (POOL Magazine) and India’s Fastest Growing Brands 2019 (Asia One Magazine) – all in their first year of operations.

Tribe Student Accommodation- In Routes to University Campuses

The tribe is actively expanding onto university campuses to elevate the hostel experience for students across the many reputed institutes in India. The company will also be launching its Co-Living brand this academic year for a top-notch coliving experience for millennials. And have planned to double the bed count year on year for the next 3 years by targeting major student cities across India. The focus will, and always has been, to provide the best possible student living experience in the country.

Quote: The tribe is actively expanding onto university campuses to elevate the hostel experience for students across the many reputed institutes in India.

Tribe Student Accommodation- Temporary Covid Isolation Centers

The Tribe Covid Center

In 2021, the COVID pandemic considerably took over the cities of Pune and Mumbai. With the situation in dire straits, Aman and Shantam made a conscious decision to pivot the Tribe model to convert existing properties to COVID isolation centres to help with the situation. Within a week, two centres were signed and opened up in collaboration with a consortium of doctors and hospitals. Tribe believes in a “one for all and all for one” philosophy, and they sure did their part in this catastrophe. Tribe is looking to rapidly expand into University campuses and across multiple cities to change the status quo on how we live, everywhere. 

The Tribe Covid Center
The Tribe Covid Center

We wish The Tribe community reaches new heights and render quality hospitality to students.

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