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Imtiaz Ullah
Imtiaz Ullahhttps://nomadlawyer.org/about/
Imtiaz Ullah is the founder of travel website - NomadLawyer. A Corporate Lawyer, Senior Travel Correspondent, The Traveller Trails magazine and also acts as an Advisory Member, NGO - Sarvahitey. His travel philosophy is exploring new places, meeting new people, knowing the culture, eating like a local. He always believes in the idea-“ Don't just be a traveller but a Responsible one”.

Do you think travel agents still play a role in shaping up your travel experience?

When you see the advertisements from travel companies like SOTC, TripAdvisor or Expedia, you may wonder if Travel Agents are still relevant in this technologically-advanced time. 

There is not any iota of doubt that technology makes our travel planning easier, it doesn’t necessarily follow that we no longer need someone who “knows the ropes” to help us plan our trips. Travel agents can assist us to plan worry-free vacations, provide amenities not available to everyone, and save money on a trip that is tailored to meet our needs.

Well, for certain places, it is always advisable to do the bookings through local travel agents and during the travel be accompanied by local travel guides. These guides have extensive knowledge of the area and can be helpful in difficult times. One such place where travel agent is generally recommended is Lombok, Indonesia.

TEMPATKU TOUR AND TRAVEL is a travel agency that believes in travelling for a cause and giving back to the community through volunteering in nonprofit organisation like orphanages, vulnerable people, the needy and showcasing the Sasak Culture.


TEMPATKU TOUR AND TRAVEL is a legal travel agent, is registered as CV TEMPATKU TOUR LOMBOK on registration number AHU-0009477-AH.01.14 Tahun 2019, Adressed in Pemenang, North Lombok, Indonesia

Phone: +6281246764558 / +6287863400888

Email: tempatkutourlombok@gmail.com

Website: www.tempatkutourlombok.com

Branch Office: Jl. Pantai Senggigi, Senggigi, West Lombok, Indonesia.


Tempatku Tour and Travel Lombok would like to offer a warm welcome to all visitors to our beautiful island home Lombok.

Lombok has so much to offer visitors and we are here to help you explore the magic. From the majestic Mt Rinjani in the north, to the famous 3 Gilis (Trawangan, Meno and Air), to the thriving metropolis of Mataram, east to Pink Beach, south to Kuta and its pristine beaches, southwest to Sekotong and the Secret Gilis, and west to the tourist hub of Senggigi, we have a day trip or activity to suit everyone.

Rich in Sasak and Balinese culture, Lombok lies between Bali and Sumbawa, across the Lombok Strait. Direct flights are available from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta and it’s a very short flight from Bali. You can also reach Lombok from Bali on one of the many fastboats or a slower vehicle ferry.

As most people who plan to visit Lombok would know, we had a series of devastating earthquakes in July and August 2018. Our locals have lost so much – friends and family; their homes; many schools and mosques; their businesses and jobs; and the simple life they enjoyed up to July 29 2018. 

We know many visitors would love to help but are unsure how they can do this. We have been quietly arranging visits to villages in need, for guests to Lombok who want to help. We have now decided to advertise how you can help. 

Helping the Locals Day Tour

As most people who plan to visit Lombok would know, we had a series of devastating earthquakes in July and August 2018. Our locals have lost so much – friends and family; their homes; many schools and mosques; their businesses and jobs; and the simple life they enjoyed up to July 29 2018. We know many visitors would love to help but are unsure how they can do this. We can help you with this.

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Kebun Roek Traditional Markets at Ampenan. Our driver will guide you around the markets to help you choose such things as rice, egg noodles, fresh eggs, fresh chicken and/or fish, fresh fruit and vegetables. 

From the markets our driver will take you to one of the villages in North Lombok. Here you will meet with a local volunteer who will know which village is in need at that time and off you go. Once there you will meet with locals who directly benefit from your donations and visit. You will have the opportunity to see local children learning in their makeshift schools and how the temporary villages are operating while they wait for new houses to be built.

From there you will visit a small coffee production kitchen that has been created since the earthquakes where you can sample freshly brewed coffee, grab some packs to take home and experience some Sasak dancing with the coffee ladies.

We love introducing this tour because everybody wins! You will be buying fresh local produce from our markets, supporting farmers and stall holders; helping a village in need; giving a driver income for the day; and directly helping locals in need. This day out will give you a whole new perspective on Lombok and the fortitude of our locals.


Based on Private Trip

Vehicles: Private Speedboat, Private Car, Private Glass Bottomed Boat, Private Slow Boat

English Speaking Driver

Kuta Tour No. 1

  • Kebon Roek Traditional Markets Ampenan
  • Sade Traditional Sasak Village
  • Sukarara Weaving Village
  • Kuta Beach
  • Tanjung Aan Beach
  • Mawun Beach

Kuta Tour No. 2

  • Sukarara Weaving Village
  • Ende Traditional Sasak Village
  • Kuta Beach
  • Mawun Beach
  • Selong Belanak Beach

Senaru Waterfalls Tour

  • Senaru Traditional Sasak Village
  • Sendang Gile Waterfall
  • Tiu Kelep Waterfall

Sasak Shopping Tour

  • Narmada Water Gardens and Traditional Markets
  • Sweta Traditional Markets
  • Cakranegara Traditional Markets
  • Banyumulek Pottery Centre
  • Sayang Sayang Handicraft Centre
  • Gunung Sari Cane and Bamboo Markets

Country Side Tour

  • Pondok Perasi (Fishing Village)
  • Kebon Roek (Local Market)
  • Sayang Sayang
  • Desa Kuranji (Farming)
  • Gunung Pengsong
  • Banyumulek (Pottery)

Benang Stokel Waterfall Tour

  • Sayang Sayang Handicraft Centre
  • Narmada Temple
  • Benang Stokel Waterfall
  • Berang Kelambu Waterfall

City Tour

  • Kebon Roek Traditional Markets Ampenan
  • Gunung Sari Temple
  • Mataram Museum
  • Islamic Centre
  • Epicentrum Mall

Secret Gilis Tour

  • Sekotong
  • Gili Nanggu
  • Gili Kedis
  • Gili Sudak

3 Gilis Snorkeling Trip

  • Gili Trawangan
  • Gili Meno
  • Gili Air

A Day in the Village Tour

  • Kindergarten School
  • Village Visit; meet the locals and see where they live
  • Lunch at the village – Local style
  • Tiu Roton; chilling out the nature


White Water Rafting

Lombok Biking Trip


Trekking Rinjani Mountain

Soft Trekking Pusuk Monkey Forest

Komodo Trip


Airport Transfers

Private Speed Boat

Fast Boat Tickets

Shuttle Bus Tickets

While we do offer set programs, we are also flexible in creating individual packages designed to suit your needs during your visit. Our drivers all speak English, with their cars air-conditioned and immaculately clean. We only use registered and licensed drivers and guides to comply with your insurance requirements.

We can also arrange car and scooter rentals, fastboat tickets, airport transfers and shuttle tickets.

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