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Travel From India To Vietnam Under Rs. 50,000

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Attractions to Vietnam

If you are in India and don’t have the budget to spend a lot but still want to visit a beautiful place outside India, Vietnam is a great choice if that’s you. Vietnam offers stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches, and a variety of limestone caves. The delicious food, especially street food, is another highlight of the Vietnam experience. These are some tips to help you plan your trip in Vietnam within Rs 50,000-60,000.

First let check the few attractions in Vietnam:

The Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is full of attractions, from beaches and rivers to Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. Its capital, Hanoi, pays tribute to its former leader, Ho Chi Minh, in a marble mausoleum.


Other attractions include the C Chi tunnels and French colonial landmarks. The Imperial City of Hue is one of the most popular travel attractions in Vietnam. Located near the Perfume River, the ancient city is filled with pagodas and temples.

One of the most famous pagodas, the Thein Mu, is seven stories high and is considered a symbol of Hue. The Mekong Delta in the southwestern region of the country is an idyllic destination for tourists looking for an unspoiled environment and simple country life.

Boat trips on the Mekong River allow visitors to see local farmers and traders working and to view the beautiful countryside. The region is home to a number of fruit and vegetable gardens. The most popular season to visit Ha Long Bay is from October to December. During these months, temperatures in the region are cool and pleasant, and there is little rain.

You can explore the area on foot or by boat, and there are plenty of markets and temples to visit. You can stay at one of the several luxurious hotels in the city. Nha Trang is another popular travel attraction, offering visitors a glimpse of age-old traditions.

You can visit the Po Nagar Cham Towers for breathtaking views of the Cai River, and the Hon Khoi Salt Fields for stunning photo ops. You can also enjoy mud baths in the area.

Categorizing Budget

In general, travelling budget can be categorized in 4 parts: Stay, Travel, Food and Misc.

Stay Expenses

There are many hostels and hotels that are affordable. Hostels such as Eco backpackers hostel and Suite Backpackers Inn are good options in Ho Chi Minh City. You could also choose to rent an Airbnb. You can find a single bed in a hostel, or Airbnb accommodation for as low as Rs 1,000 per night.

10 days budget accomodation may cost around Rs. 10,000-Rs.12,000.

Travel Expenses

Airfare: Return airfares for flight tickets are as low as Rs 20,000. You can check the airline websites to plan ahead. You should be flexible with your travel dates. The best way to find the cheapest tickets is to keep an eye on various booking websites, one of such website is Skyscanner.

Local Transport: As a general rule, the cost of travel in Vietnam is getting more expensive every year, but it’s still cheap compared to other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand. You can travel around Vietnam on a budget by taking trains. Alternatively, you can rent a scooter for around Rs.500 a day plus fuel charges.

10 days local travel may cost around Rs. 5000-Rs. 7000 excluding the Airfare (Approx. Rs.20000).

Food Expenses

Vietnam is known for its street food, so don’t miss this opportunity. You must try Vietnamese cuisines like Nem Raan, Cha Gio, and Cha Ca. All In all you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner for about Rs. 500-Rs.700 a day.

10 days food may cost around Rs. 5000-Rs.7000.

Misc Expenses

You can find good prices on clothing and other goods in local markets and shopping centers. However, you should bring your own medications and be prepared to pay for them if needed. In addition, it’s important to make sure you buy them ahead of time because the pharmacy staff may not speak English. This amount may also include any entry fees for specifice place.

10 days misc expenses approx. Rs.5000-Rs.10000.


Overall a budget trip of 10 days to Vietnam can be covered within a budget of around for Rs.2,500-Rs.3,500 a day, enjoying activities like biking, shopping, and seeing sights. Generally, it’s more affordable to travel slowly and spend more time eating local food than eating at restaurants.

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