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Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Detroit, 2022

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Detroit, also known as the Motor City, is the largest city in Michigan. You will be intrigued to discover the rich musical history of Detroit, which has another nickname, “Motown”. This historic city is worth a visit.

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These are the best things to do in Detroit.

Admire the Henry Ford Artifacts:

To learn more about America’s creativity, you must visit the Henry Ford Museum for Innovation. You can experience history through the artifacts displayed, such as the JFK Limo or Edison’s early inventions. Visit the Greenfield Village to see the working farms. Then, take a Ford Rouge Factory Tour. You can watch the short Henry Ford film to learn more about the tragedy and triumphs that occurred at the Rouge as well as how Ford’s ideas became reality. It is now an international showcase of modern manufacturing and sustainable design, from raw material to finished product as Ford envisioned it.

Take a look at the Detroit Institute of Arts’ Magnificent Exhibits:

The Detroit Institute of Arts has one of the most extensive art collections in America. It is ranked among the top six museums of the United States. There are many collections, including American, European and Asian art, as well as Native American, Islamic, and Ancient art. It is possible to spend hours just trying to absorb this incredible collection, and marvel at the creativity and talent of the many artists. You’ll find the works of Claude Monet and Eugene Boudin as well as Rembrandt van Rijn, Albrecht Durer, Peter Paul Rubens and Peter Paul Rubens.

Take a virtual tour of the Motown Museum with the Interactive Tour

Hitsville, USA is the home of Berry Gordy, and the museum will transport you back to simpler times through its collection of photographs, music, and memorabilia. The museum features the most recent exhibits and tells interesting stories. You will also be able to see the places where some of the best music was recorded. Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross are among the many artists who have contributed to the creation of Motown Sound. These are just a few of the people who helped to create Motown Sound. Find out more about these legends, who created their own music and broke down racial boundaries.

Get inspired by the Heidelberg Project

You can admire the creativity of Tyree Guyton as you walk down McDougall Huntt’s outdoor art project in Detroit’s east side. The Heidelberg Project was an anti-degradation protest. The project started with brightly colored dots being painted on the houses and then attached items to them. The artworks gradually helped transform the neighborhood into a first indoor and outdoor museum. The Heidelberg Project is known for its creativity and ability to inspire hope through art.

You will feel good at the Eastern Market

The Eastern Market is a unique commercial district. The Eastern Market Corporation operates as a non-profit corporation and it is a public-private partnership. Here you will find a wide range of meat, poultry, and other products. Here you will also find studios and art galleries. The Eastern Market’s mission is to increase access to healthy food and nutrition. Eastern Market Partnership built the infrastructure necessary to enrich Detroit economically, culturally, and, most importantly, nutritionally. Feel good about supporting Detroit by buying fresh, healthy food.

Rejuvenate Yourself at Belle Isle:

It’s an island in the Detroit River between Canada and the USA. You can walk, jog or explore the 982-acre island. The Belle Isle Aquarium, Belle Isle conservatory and the Dossin Great Lakes Museum are just a few of the attractions. If you prefer a more active lifestyle, there is a golf course here and a swimming pool. You can enjoy the Belle Isle Nature Centre, the James Scott Memorial Fountain, and many other attractions. Nature-lovers will love to explore the unique nature trails. The rare wet-mesic forests contain specimens that replicate ecosystems that existed hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Take the People Mover!

Take a ride on the elevated train, which runs on one track around Downtown Detroit. It is very convenient because there are no pedestrians or traffic jams. It’s also very affordable. The People Mover takes you on a tour around the Renaissance District, passing by skyscrapers, and along the riverfront. As the People Mover goes around the riverfront, you can see Windsor, Canada. It is also used for pure enjoyment. Stations along the route depict different types of art.

Many attractions have been closed due to the pandemic, but they will reopen soon. Keep checking the websites for the most current information. Enjoy your trip to Detroit, the Motor City.

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