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Teaneck: Top rated 7 Best Historical Places to visit in Teaneck, NJ

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"Teaneck, New Jersey is situated along the Hackensack River. It was the scene of many important events during the Revolutionary War. The town was actually the location where George Washington's troops fought. There are many museums and historic buildings in the town. There is also a vibrant arts scene in the city, such as Debonair Music Hall which offers live music and Mexican Fusion cuisine."

The town was recognized as a model community that Americans could emulate in the late 1940s. The town had even its own film, “The Model Community”, which was shown in Occupied Japan as part an Army education program. Teaneck was also in the news when school integration took place.

Best time to visit Teaneck

“According to the tourism, mid-June to late September is the best time to visit Teaneck to enjoy warm-weather activities.”

Historical Places of Teaneck

It was home to the nation’s first integrated school. The majority of the town’s voters were white. Reginald G. Damerell wrote Triumph in a White Suburb, NJ, about the town’s successes.

We have compiled a list of things to do in Teaneck, and nearby.

Votee Park #1

Historical Places to visit in Teaneck
Votee Park

“Votee Park has many amenities that are available to the community. These amenities include tennis courts, basketball and tennis courts as well as football, soccer, baseball and tennis. You will also find a work area, and plenty of picnic spots.”

Website:Votee Park
Phone:+1 201-837-1600
Hours:Open 24 hours

Teaneck Creek Conservancy #2

Historical Places to visit in Teaneck
Teaneck Creek Conservancy

“Teaneck Creek Conservancy is a nature conservancy that works to preserve the Teaneck Creek watershed. Visitors can expect to spot EcoArt installations along the trails of the park, as well as other wildlife while walking.”

Website:Teaneck Creek Conservancy
Phone:+1 201-836-2403

Teaneck Cinemas #3

Teaneck Cinemas opened its doors in 1937. It offers moviegoers the opportunity to see a variety of films. The auditoriums have high-back seats. There are eight digital channels, and screens that can display 3-D movies.

Historical Places to visit in Teaneck
Teaneck Cinemas
Website:Teaneck Cinemas
Phone:+1 201-530-7409

Field Station: Dinosaurs #4

Field Station: Dinosaurs, an outdoor prehistoric park, has two locations in the United States. This park is suitable for children aged three to eleven years old. Both parks feature a walking tour featuring full-size animatronic dinosaurs.

Historical Places to visit in Teaneck
Field Station: Dinosaur

There are also interactive exhibits and live shows that educate children about dinosaurs in the context of local ecosystems.

Website:Field Station: Dinosaur
Phone:+1 855-999-9010
Hours:10am–6pm (Tue-Sun)

Thegrassynoel GALLERY & STUDIO #5

Thegrassynoel GALLERY & STUDIO

“Thegrassynoel GALLERY & Studio offers a green way to approach art & technology. The gallery aims to enrich children’s lives and adult’s lives through education. The gallery offers lessons and workshops for aspiring artists.”

Website:Teaneck Cinemas
Phone:+1 201-530-7409

Mexicali Live #6

Mexicali Live

"Mexicali Live hosts a variety of rock bands, and serves both food and live music. Upstairs, there is a seating area. The venue offers Mexican food and beers."

Website:Mexicali Live
Phone:+1 201-833-0011

Puffin Cultural Forum #7

Puffin Cultural Forum

Puffin Cultural Forum is a gallery and performance space that aims to offer thoughtful, relevant and provocative arts programming to the community. They offer workshops, guided gallery tours, and presentations of theatre.

Website:Puffin Cultural Forum
Phone:+1 201-836-3499

FAQ: Historical Places of Teaneck

What is Teaneck New Jersey famous for?

When it comes to the city’s past, Teaneck has had more than its fair share of colorful history. This shade-tree town is the first in the country to vote in favor of school integration. Although the majority of voters were white, Teaneck’s racial makeup allowed for the town to lead the way in this area. After the Phelps Estate property was developed in the late 1920s, the town’s population boomed, far outpacing Bergen County.

Is Teaneck Urban Or Suburban?

If you live in Teaneck, New Jersey, you may wonder if it’s urban or suburban. The town’s first female mayor, Eleanor Kieliszek, remembers a time when people were leaving the town and the Jewish community was thriving. The town’s streets, once synonymous with quality of life, became ghost towns, adorned with for-sale signs. But as the town’s demographics changed, so did the local response.

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