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Ewing: Top rated 7 Best Historical Places to visit in Ewing, NJ

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"Ewing is a part of Ewing Township, New Jersey, United States. It is located at the intersection of Upper Ferry Road & Scotch Road. This settlement dates back to 18th century and is one of the oldest in Ewing Township. Before its current name, the community was called Carleton."

You won’t find the same atmosphere in smaller cities as those larger ones. Make sure you research all of the things you want to do in Ewing before your trip so that you get the most from your getaway. Soon you’ll see that not all things are equal.

Best time to visit Ewing

The best time to visit Ewing during warm-weather activities is between late August and late September.

New Jersey’s shoulder season of late summer or fall offers good weather and low prices. Comfortable temperatures are common in April, May and September without the summer crowds.

Historical Places to visit in Ewing

"Explore the sights of Ewing on some of our day trips & tours. Or, check out our list."

Green Lane Fields #1

Its location on the William L Antheil Elementary school campus is an interesting fact. You can relax in the open space. You can bike and walk on many of the paved trails. It encourages visitors to try different sports.

Website:Green Lane Fields
Hours:Open 24 hours
Phone:+1 609-883-1776

Moody Park #2

Moody Park covers 32 acres and is home to many amenities. There are a softball field and a football field. If you enjoy playing sports, this is the place to be. There is also an indoor batting cage. The park offers many places for picnicking with family and friends.

"The tot lot keeps children busy, but you can also relax under a tree and have some peace and quiet. The park also has a clubhouse. You can enjoy a sport, or simply watch a game from the stands."

Website:Moody Park
Hours:Open 24 hours
Phone:+1 609-883-1776

Calvary Chapel of Mercer County #3

Calvary Chapel of Mercer County was established in 1997. Since then, it has helped many people to grow their faith in Jesus Christ and in Christianity, learn more about the Gospel, and assist those in need. Whether you’re looking for a place of worship on your trip to Ewing Township, or a Church where you can lead weekly services, a visit at the Calvary Chapel in Mercer County will be a blessing.

Historical Places to visit in Ewing

"The Church is filled with people who love God, His Words and one another. You will have a wonderful experience at the Church because of how welcoming everyone is."

Website:Calvary Chapel of Mercer County
Hours:9:30am–3pm (Daily)
Saturday – Closed
Phone:+1 609-882-2029

Benjamin Temple House at Drake Farm Park #4

Ewing Historic Preservation Society manages Benjamin Temple House at Drake Farm Park, a historic house. The house’s primary purpose is to share the history of Ewing Township with visitors.

It is a great place to host private and corporate events, as Benjamin Temple House at Drake Farm Park allows you to.

Website:Benjamin Temple House at Drake Farm Park
Phone:+1 609-883-2455

Trenton Bath House #5

Trenton Bath House may not be a very popular tourist attraction. It is known for its architectural importance. Louis Kahn, an architect, created this unique design in the middle of the nineteenth century.

This building was originally intended to be expanded for the Jewish Community Center. Although it didn't happen, the building was an inspiration for architects all over the world.

Website:Trenton Bath House
Phone:1 609-883-1776

Banchoff Park #6

You want to relax in a peaceful, green park? The Banchoff Park is for you if your answer is “yes”. This park is small and beautiful. It has paved paths, trails, benches, tennis courts, and a lake. The park is pet-friendly and has a designated dog park. This place is ideal for family outings, with its small playground and many picnic tables. You can run, play tennis, or just relax at the lake.

Website:Banchoff Park
Hours:6am–6pm (Daily)
Phone:+1 609-883-1776

Mountain View Golf #7

Mountain View, a 18-hole championship golf course, was established in 1958. Mt. The view is open all year, weather permitting, and seven days a week. The course measures 6117 yards from regular tees, and 6682 yards at the back tees. There is a par 72. Mt. The natural terrain of rolling hills, valleys and mountains makes View unique. This course is suitable for all levels of players. Mt. View offers a 10-stall driving range that is netted and allows golfers to practice their game before the round.

Website:Mountain View
Hours:6:30am–8pm (Daily)
Phone:+1 609-771-0400

FAQ: Top rated 7 Best Historical Places to visit in Ewing, NJ

What is Ewing NJ known for?

Ewing Township today is the location of The College of New Jersey, the Community Blood Council of New Jersey, New Jersey State Police headquarters, the Jones Farm State Correction Institute, the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, the New Jersey Department of Transportation headquarters, the Maria H.

Who is Ewing NJ named after?

The name of Ewing Township was changed to Trenton Township on February 22, 1834 in memory of Charles Ewing. He was posthumously awarded the honor for his work as Chief Judge of the New Jersey State Supreme Court between 1824-1832. Ewing was settled by a mix of American and European colonists

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