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Midland: 7 most fascinating places to visit in ‘The Energy City’, Midland, Texas

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Travel Attractions – Midland, Texas, USA

Midland is located in west Texas. It is located in the Permian basin area and is an important oil industry hub. However, it also boasts many tourist attractions, including theater and sports. Midland is also home to The Permian basin Petroleum Museum, which is a must-see for anyone visiting the city. This city in western Texas caters to a variety of interests. We have compiled a list of top things to do and places to visit in Midland.

Midland is home to important American history, including the Museum of the Southwest, and the George W. Bush Childcare Home, where the 43rd president of the United States spent his childhood years. You can enjoy great sporting events at Scharbauer Sports Complex. They have regular schedules of football, soccer, and baseball games. Or, you can catch a concert at Midland County Horseshoe Arena. Midland is close to many of the most beautiful natural wonders in Texas. These include the Monahans Sandhills State Park with its 70-foot high sand dunes and the Meteor Crater Museum which is located next to the second-largest meteor crater in America.

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Midland Army Airfield Museum

The Midland Army Airfield Museum is a must-see for anyone who loves aviation history. The museum is located in the Commemorative A Force High Sky Wing hangar and features many artifacts as well as military aircraft that are preserved for the public. It’s like visiting a 1940s bomber training school. The museum offers a unique look into the history of aircraft. The museum has many exhibits that focus on the role West Texas played during WWII.

Aero L-39 Albatros and Cessna O-1A Bird Dog are just a few of the preserved aircraft that can be found on-site. Although admission is free, hours are limited so make sure to check availability before you go.

Midland Community Theatre

One of the city’s most treasured artistic assets is the Midland Community Theatre. Local actors perform regularly at the theater. The theater hosts monthly performances that include classics such as Cinderella and traditional holiday performances.

This theater is a great place to support your local community during your visit.

Midland County Horseshoe Arena

The Midland County Horseshoe Arena is one of the most popular entertainment venues in Midland. It is multi-purpose and hosts a variety of events including rodeos, concerts, and sporting events.

It includes an amphitheater, pavilion, and arena. Horseshoe’s regular events include livestock and equestrian competitions, as well as family entertainment shows. You can check the Events Calendar to plan your Midland visit.

Sibley Nature Center

One way to combine an excursion is to visit the Sibley Natural Center in Hogan Park. Although the area covers 49 acres, it has nature trails that can be used for walking. However, its primary purpose is to educate visitors about the history, flora and fauna of the region. You can also participate in seasonal events and interpretive programs, as well as visit the wildlife viewing gardens.

Photographers will love this spot to capture images and plants such as the monarch butterflies or the yuccas. The Sibley Nature Center Library, which contains archived essays and articles relating to West Texas’ people and history, is a wonderful resource. The center is open to all, and you can walk the grounds for free.

Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Near the Midland Airport, you will find the Permian Basin Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It is a striking display. This memorial honors the Permian Basin veterans who gave their lives in Vietnam. It is located in West Texas’ 30 counties. The plaza’s granite marker features a memorial flame that burns in the middle of the place to remember those who gave their lives serving the Navy, Army and Marines.

The memorial’s focal point is the statue of the helicopter pilot and the soldiers who fought in the main area of the field. You can visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial next to a park. Here you can enjoy a picnic and a quarter-mile hike on the Midland Health and Wellness Loop.

I-20 Wildlife Preserve

The I-20 Wildlife Preserve was created to help people reconnect with nature. It is the only urban playa in Texas and a great place to go to to learn more about the Permian Basin’s wildlife and plants. This preserve covers 100 acres of undeveloped natural land.

Spring and summer are the best times to visit the area. Native animals can be found in the forest and at the lake. Turtles, snakes, lizards and other mammals live in the marshes. This preserve serves as an educational stop, with a special focus on conservation of West Texas’ natural resources.

Permian Basin Petroleum Museum

Midland’s Petroleum Museum is a popular place to visit. It has both indoor as outdoor exhibits. The museum’s core story is about the rich history of the region’s petroleum and gas industries. The Permian Basin Museum traces the history of petroleum and provides insight into the role that science, technology and art played in this vital energy sector.
The museum has several sections, including the Mythcrackers Theatre, which dispels the myths of the petroleum industry, as well as the predictions that never came to pass in the industry. There are also products such vintage gas pumps and signs from well-known brands like Pegasus (a Midland-based company).

The replica 1920s Boom Town is a popular exhibit that shows how life was in the Permian basin during the oil boom. Also, the Outdoor Oil Patch has examples of power units, oil-rigs and other equipment.
The museum also houses the Mineral Gallery which contains unique collections from all over the globe.

FAQs about Midland, Texas

What is Midland Texas famous for?

Midland is the heart of a 12-county ranching area known for Hereford cattle. It also serves as the financial and trading centre for the Permian Basin. This vast area contains large amounts of natural gas, oil, anhydrite and potassium.

Is Midland TX a good place to live?

It’s possible because we have a variety of amenities, arts and culture as well as natural wonders. This is possible because of the friendly, open-minded, and welcoming people who live here. Many people rent storage units in Midland upon their arrival.

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