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Irving: Top rated 7 Best Places to Visit in Irving, Texas

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Travel Attractions – Irving, Texas, USA

Irving is located between Fort Worth and Dallas. It’s easy to reach and visit Irving if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a peaceful setting deep in Texas. Irving is close to many larger cities and well-known ones, so visitors might assume there is not much to do. However, Irving has plenty of amenities such as shopping, dining, and golf courses.

There are many cultural sites here that can be enjoyed in addition to all these. Visitors may be surprised by the significance of Irving’s role in American history, especially in relation to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 and during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center

Bear Creek, located west of Irving is the oldest African American community in the Dallas County. The Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center consists of three museums that educate visitors about the history of the community and the period from the beginning of slavery to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

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Jackie Mae Howard, a prominent Bear Creek resident who served 18 years on the Irving City Council, is the center’s name.

More Details About Jackie Townsell Bear Creek Heritage Center

Address:3925 Jackson St, Irving, TX 75061, United States
Contact:+1 972-721-3729

Gondola Adventures

Las Colinas Urban Center, Irving is well-known for its Mandalay Canals & Lake Carolyn. It’s only natural that tourists would love to enjoy these beautiful waterways in style.

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Gondola Adventures will take you on a cruise and take you to see the best of the local sights. You can take romantic sunset rides if that is what you like.

More Details About Gondola Adventures

Address:357 West Fork, Irving, TX 75039, United States
Contact:+1 972-506-8037

Stand Up Paddle boarding North Texas

SUP North Texas is a place where paddle boarding enthusiasts can try something new. You can learn this new sport by visiting SUP North Texas.

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Paddle boards can be rented and purchased on-site. You can also take classes and the staff is available to answer any questions you may have about paddle boarding.

More Details About Stand Up Paddle boarding North Texas

Address:113 Las Colinas Blvd E, Irving, TX 75039, United States
Contact:+1 972-567-7871

Irving Arts Center

Irving is a master of the arts. If you’re interested in seeing what Irving has to offer, then visit the Irving Arts Center. There are four galleries, two theaters and even an outdoor sculpture garden. You will find rotating exhibitions featuring items from Smithsonian collections at the center, which is why it is part of the Smithsonian Affiliations Program.

Image Credit :Flickr

You can expect to see art from all over the region, as well as pieces that are intended for travel. The center also has a dedicated section that showcases emerging local artists. There are more than 200 performances held each year, including musical and dance recitals.

More Details About Irving Arts Center

Address:3333 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75062, United States
Contact:+1 972-252-7558

Trinity River Mountain Creek Preserve

Trinity River Mountain Creek Preserve’s extensive trails make it easy for people to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The preserve is connected to the Campion Trail system so it can be an excellent place to hike from or to depending on your route.

Image Credit :Flickr

You will also find a playground for children, as well as basketball courts and a pitch for cricket. There are also picnicking areas.

More Details About Trinity River Mountain Creek Preserve

Address:1005 E Hunter Ferrell Rd, Irving, TX 75060, United States
Contact:+1 972-721-2600

Mandalay Canal

The Mandalay Canal is part of the Las Colinas community. It offers a glimpse into an old world feel mixed with romantic Venice. The canal runs through the community. There are also walkways that run along it.

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Trees line the path, so you can take a relaxing afternoon stroll. You can enjoy bird watching here. Locals often bring picnics to enjoy this spot in the summer months.

More Details About Mandalay Canal

Address:215 Mandalay Canal, Irving, TX 75039, United States
Contact:(972) 674-3874

Campion Trails

Campion Trails actually refers to a greenbelt covering 22 miles that runs along the Elm Fork or West Fork sections of the stunning Trinity River. Campion Trails attract many visitors. They take them to both urban and natural beauty spots.

Image Credit :Facebook

One of the greatest joys of these trails is the ability to change the scenery as you walk. You should visit this area if you enjoy hiking. Many visitors bring picnics to enjoy the scenic spots along the trails.

More Details About Campion Trails

Address:825 W. Irving Blvd. Irving, TX 75060.
Contact:(972) 721-2501.

FAQs about Irving, Texas

What is Irving TX known for?

Irving, part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex is well-known for its international headquarters, which is home to five Fortune 500 companies. It is also home to over 8,500 businesses.

Is Irving TX A good place to live?

People travel from all parts of the globe to live in Irving. Irving is a beneficiary of this cultural diversity.” Irving was ranked 14th in 2020’s Most Diverse Cities and 40th among the 2020 Best Cities to live in America. Irving is an ideal city for anyone who works in downtown Dallas.

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