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West Palm Beach: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In West Palm Beach, Florida

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Tourist Attractions in West Palm Beach Florida

If you’re a culture vulture, West Palm Beach is the place for you. Art enthusiasts will love the Norton Museum of Art, one of Florida’s top museums. The museum displays masterpieces from the 14th century, as well as works from the major artistic movements. You can even see a painting by Frida Kahlo. A West Palm Beach vacation will be a unique experience, and there are plenty of ways to see the art you love.

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The South Florida Science Center, located just south of downtown, is a popular Palm Beach County attraction. The museum features a freshwater and saltwater aquarium, as well as native and exotic marine life. The center also hosts educational films and interactive exhibits. While you’re there, be sure to check out the planetarium, which is free to view. You can even test drive some of the vehicles on display. There are several fun things to do with kids in West Palm Beach.

Mounts Botanical Garden: This West Palm Beach attraction is the oldest public garden in the city. It has more than two thousand plants from six continents. It’s set up in different sections according to their type. There are butterfly gardens and Mediterranean gardens. There’s even interpretive education for the public to learn about the various types of plants. You can choose to go on a guided tour or learn more about local plants and animals.

Rosemary Square – Endless Entertainment in “The Square” #1

Rosemary Square (also known as “The Square”), is an exciting entertainment and retail centre with Mediterranean themes. Here tourists can spend all day without seeing everything.

This vibrant downtown area has been voted one of South Florida’s top attractions. You can find a wide range of entertainment options, shopping, dining, and live music. It’s a great spot to sit and observe the endless parade of people going by. There’s even free Wi-Fi throughout.

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You can browse jewelry and clothing shops, or eat out at the international food markets. After your meal, enjoy ice-cream or frozen yogurt as well as a melt-in-your mouth chocolate treat.

The Plaza opens its doors on Saturday evenings to host excellent local bands. The Improv Comedy Club & Dinner Theatre can be found here, as well AMC City Place 20, with 20 movie screens and technological features including an impressive IMAX experience. You can also take a trolley bus to get to downtown’s bustling main street, Clematis St.

Make sure you check for shows and concerts at Harriet Himmel Theater. Built in 1926, this venue of architectural significance is now fully restored.

Florida’s Beloved Sea Cows are at Manatee Lagoon #2

Florida Power & Light, located just north of West Palm Beach, noticed manatees, Florida’s “sea cows”, congregating near the warm-water outlet. The idea for Manatee Lagoon came about as a result.

Manatee Lagoon today is one of Florida’s most popular places to visit to see these gentle 1,500-to 2,000-pound creatures. Manatees love people. If you’re on a dock with them, they will swim right up to you and even roll over in the water so that people can touch their stomachs.

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After being on the endangered endangered list for many decades, mainly because of irresponsible boaters, manatees have been making a comeback. Today, some 6,000 manatees can be found in the state’s waters, more than any other place in the globe. (There’s even talk of taking them off the endangered species listing).

Manatee Lagoon’s Discovery Center features innovative hands-on exhibits, observation zones, a webcam that monitors manatees, and an outdoor deck, where manatees can congregate in winter. Mia, who you can track her interactions with sea cows and her travels, is the star of the program.

Enjoy a Stroll on Ritzy Worth Avenue #3

The Worth Avenue is located on Palm Beach’s beautiful island. Local residents claim that asking the price will not get you the right price. It’s free to walk along this street and enjoy the wonderful thing is that it doesn’t cost anything.

The shop features some of the finest clothing and accessories, including top brands such as Brioni or Louis Vuitton. There is also a fascinating selection of antique and decor shops. You will also find some of the finest perfumeries and jewelers around the globe, as well unusual treasures like Raptis Rare Books.

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The mix also includes art galleries and department shops, as well the Ta-Boo Restaurant which was once the place where the Kennedys gathered. You will find artist’s studios and large bronze statues with children playing in the back of these shops, along with gourmet food shops. Cafe Delmar, located on Peruvian Avenue, offers great coffee as well as a breakfast.

Rick Rose, a local historian and photographer, offers Palm Beach Walking Tours that take you into the secret places along Worth Avenue in winter. These tours take you to Addison Mizner’s house, the visionary who built Worth Avenue 100 years ago. Behind the home is Johnny Brown’s grave, the monkey who used be perched on Mizner’s shoulder. He once ran for Mayor.

Norton Museum of Art #4

The Norton Museum of Art has a rich collection of both local as international art and is known for being one of the best things you can do in West Palm Beach. The Norton Museum of Art is centrally located in West Palm Beach. It features over 7,000 items, with a focus on American, European and Chinese artists.

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The unique way the museum attracts visitors through its special programs and events is what has made it a favorite. The museum is both an art collection and a hub for the community.

Mounts Botanical Garden #5

Mounts Botanical Garden (West Palm Beach) is West Palm Beach’s oldest and largest open-air garden. It contains nearly 21,000 types of tropical plants, originating from six continents. The different plant species are housed within several gardens, including an exotic trees garden, tropical fruits garden, herbs garden and citrus and Palms garden.

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Mounts Botanical Garden in West Palm Beach is a popular attraction. You will also find a variety other gardens. There are more than 20. Each area has literature and an interpretive education about the unique qualities of each garden. This includes its growth and maintenance needs.

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