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Tupelo: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Tupelo, Mississippi

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Tourist Attractions in Tupelo, Mississippi

If you’re interested in a vacation to Tupelo, Mississippi, you’ve come to the right place. This northeast Mississippi city is known for being the birthplace of the legendary singer Elvis Presley. His early life is chronicled in the Elvis Presley Museum, and visitors can enjoy buffalo and giraffe exhibits at Buffalo Park and Zoo. The city’s National Battlefield was the site of a Civil War battle.

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The city is also home to several museums, including the GumTree Museum of Art, which opened in 1982. The museum houses a permanent collection of local and regional artwork, as well as rotating exhibits. Local high school students can showcase their artwork and have it exhibited for free at the museum. The GumTree Museum of Art hosts a festival each May, where visitors can enjoy live music, food stalls, and performances. Throughout the year, the museum features works by local artists, including the work of students in Tupelo and the surrounding region.

For shopping, there are numerous places to go in the city. In the downtown area, Reed’s Department Store is a popular place. Founded in 1905, Reed’s has grown to occupy a city block, with four different departments. Food is also a staple of the community, with traditional Southern fare popular in local restaurants. One of the most famous restaurants in Tupelo is Scarlet’s Donuts, which has three locations.

Natchez Trace Parkway #1

Natchez Trace Parkway connects three states: Mississippi (Alabama), Tennessee, and Tennessee. It contains many archaeological sites, including the Mississippi river and its towering trees, lush meadows, swamps and picturesque clifftops.

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There are many outdoor recreational options available, including camping, hiking, cycling, boating or birding.

This road roughly follows the Old Natchez Trace. This historic footway was once used by Native Americans as well as soldiers, soldiers and European explorers.

Murals in The City #2

Tupelo is famous for its extraordinary street murals. Ryan Christenson (famous graffiti artist) created the 1950’s Elvis mural during the Tupelo Elvis Fest 2018. It is one among the most impressive murals in the city.

A regional artist created the Book Stack mural in 1997. It tells the story Reed’s Department Store a local family business, which has been a part Tupelo’s culture for more than a century.

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The Buy Local Produce Mural was painted in the meantime by students from a regional school, their art teacher, as well as a local artist. It is near the Farmer’s marketplace and features a beautiful garden with many vegetables and fruits as well as a tractor.

Celebrate Different Festivals #3

Tupelo is host to a number of spectacular and lively festivals that take place throughout the year. The Annual Tupelo Elvis Festival is one example of a tradition that dates back as far as 1999.

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It features a variety of rock concerts and Elvis Presley impersonators. There is also an Elvis tribute artist competition. 5K health runs are offered. Elvis-themed parades and art shows are held, as well as a pet parade.

Tupelo is home to thousands of diehard fans who travel all around the world to attend this annual event.

Oren Dunn City Museum #4

Oren Dunn City Museum in Ballard Park educates its members about the history, culture, and people of Tupelo. The museum has permanent displays that depict the Battle of Tupelo in Chickasaw history, Chickasaw history and the 1936 destructive Cyclone. It also highlights notable achievements in agriculture/industry.

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It includes dioramas, fossils, images, models, train cars, historic buildings, memorabilia, and other memorabilia that are from the area. The museum hosts also the Dudie Burger Festival in April and the Dogtrot Festival October.

You will also find many events held here throughout year: summer camps, fossil show, geology exhibits and toy exhibitions. You’ll have a great time at the park, which features scenic views, picnic areas, play areas, and a Lake.

Tupelo Veterans Museum #5

Tupelo Veterans Museum is another fun thing to do. This museum contains exhibits from World Wars, Gulf Wars, Korean Wars, Vietnam Wars, and Civil War.

It is owned by an Army veteran and includes exhibits accumulated over sixty years. They include military uniforms, old army weapons, images of the Army, models of fighter aircraft, jeeps and jeeps. Also, there is a Harry Truman fedora, Abraham Lincoln’s document, and many other items.

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Tupelo Veterans Museum pays homage to the US army’s sacrifices and contributions for the country. Tony Lute is the owner of this museum. You can also meet him.

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