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Tulsa: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Tulsa, United States

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Tourist Attractions in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Travel to the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma, U.S., and experience the unique art deco architecture and ambiance. Its art deco landmarks are a testament to the city’s construction boom during the early 20th century. A notable example of an art deco building is the Italianate-style Philbrook Museum of Art. Visitors can visit this museum to enjoy an eclectic collection of art. Whether you enjoy modern art or classical works, Tulsa is a perfect place to spend a few days.

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The city’s landscape is varied and diverse. The southern and central sections of the city are characterized by hills. In contrast, the northern and central portions have flat, gently undulating terrain. The Osage Hills, which form the city’s terrain, extend northward and provide a varied landscape. In the north of the city, Holmes Peak, which rises 1,360 feet (415 m), is the highest point. Tulsa is 186 square miles, and the city has four distinct neighborhoods.

Tulsa is home to the Tulsa Botanic Garden and Woodward Park. Both are popular tourist attractions. You can also visit the Tulsa Zoo. For a family-friendly attraction, check out the Gathering Place, an amusement park along the Arkansas River that offers boat tours and hiking trails. There’s something for everyone in Tulsa, so you can’t go wrong with this city.

Route 66 #1

Tulsa’s Route 66 runs through a time capsule that is worth a slow ride. You’ll find rustic buildings along this section of The Mother Road that will guide you through one of few places that still evokes old-school Americana.

Ollie’s Station is the inspiration behind the animated movie Cars. Plan to stop by Ollie’s Station during your drive. There are movie memorabilia hung on the walls as well as a railroad-inspired background and traditional Oklahoma cuisine.

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Stop by the Campbell Hotel, a 1920s-era building which has been elegantly restored. The boutique hotel with 26 rooms was once able to offer overnight stays for only 50 cents per person in 1927. End your historic drive with a visit to the Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza. Enjoy a variety sculptures and walk over the bridge over Route 66.

Tulsa’s Riverfront Park #2

Tulsa’s Riverfront Park is a spectacular spot. The public space of 100 acres along the riverfront offers interactive experiences to encourage interaction and outdoor adventure.

Swing Hill’s highest point is 56 feet above Peggy’s Pond. There are Nature Trails, an lodge and boathouse as well as Gardens and Sports Courts where you could play basketball or volleyball.

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The huge public park on the Arkansas River offers both relaxation and recreation. The largest private gift to a public parks in the United States history has resulted in the creation of the downtown park.

Gathering Place offers a variety of events throughout the calendar year, including lawn concerts and community festivals. Even if the Gathering Place does not have any scheduled events, it is still worth visiting.

Woody Guthrie Center #3

Woody Guthrie would have radically changed society and the face music. Oklahoma’s son and folk musician, this Oklahoma singer wrote some powerful songs including “This Land Is Your Land”. He was also a huge influence on Bob Dylan. Tulsa pays tribute to Guthrie by establishing the Woody Guthrie Center.

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This museum allows you to get a glimpse of Guthrie’s mind. It also includes biographical information. Guthrie memorabilia are displayed in an important collection, including notebooks. Numerous photos, books and artworks are also available that relate to the artist.

Guthrie continues to inspire artists and other people with his fight against fascism. He demonstrated that it is possible to change the world by believing in yourself. We hope you will be inspired by his message when you visit the Tulsa Museum.

Tulsa Arts District #4

Some towns are blessed with a handful of arts-related museums. Tulsa has an entire area dedicated to artistic expression and cultural awareness. Tulsa Arts District celebrates ingenuity and imagination through spectacular attractions relating to a variety art forms.

Tulsa Arts District, although it is historic, has been maintained so well that it doesn’t even show its age. The community has been diligent in preserving it. At spots like Cain’s Ballroom or Tulsa’s Glassblowing Studio, as well as The Brady Theater, curious folks continue to visit. Tulsa Arts District is a place where you can turn any corner without finding something that tickles your imagination.

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Tulsa Arts District is home to great coffee shops as well as places for shopping. The Tulsa Arts District is a great place to start planning your trip to Tulsa. This will delight anyone who likes to have fun.

The Gilcrease Gallery #5

American art is such a vital part of the cultural conversation, and Tulsa does great work of commemorating it. The Gilcrease Museum is home to powerful displays of American creativity. This museum is just a few minutes from Tulsa.

This museum is more than 25 million pieces and was established by Thomas Gilcrease, in 1949. It’s not just the United States that was established here by the British. This site contains pieces from precolonial times dating back as far as 12,000 B.C.

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Prints in paint, marble, or screen printing are just a few of the pieces that you’ll find here. You can even use the outside with beautiful gardens. The Gilcrease is one of Tulsa’s greatest contributions to Oklahoma’s cultural scene.

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