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St. Augustine: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In St. Augustine, Florida

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Tourist Attractions in St Augustine Florida

Known as the oldest continuously occupied European settlement, St. Augustine is a must-visit destination for history lovers. This city is also renowned for its 42-mile-long sandy beaches. Here, you can enjoy the natural beauty of the area and explore its fascinating history. But be prepared to be surrounded by some creepy ghosts as well, so you may want to plan your vacation accordingly. There are many things to do and see in St. Augustine, from sightseeing to shopping.

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For example, you can explore the historic Fort Mose, which was built by the Spanish in the eighteenth century. This historic site is home to many escaped slaves. In fact, the governor of Florida had allocated Fort Mose as a settlement to free blacks. Free blacks were incorporated into the military of St. Augustine and helped to provide skilled labor to the Spanish. Today, Fort Mose serves as a beautiful park where you can walk along the beach and admire the view.

You can also visit the Lightner Museum, which is housed in the historic Alcazar Hotel. During your visit, you’ll be able to see how early settlers lived and worked in the area. The museum also houses antique mechanical musical instruments. In addition to the Lightner Museum, you can take a tour of the historic Lightner Fort, the nation’s oldest masonry fort. Spain built this fort more than three hundred years ago to protect their colonial claims in the New World. This museum has a museum that is filled with artifacts and provides an interesting look at the early settlers and Spanish and various powers in St. Augustine Florida.

Explore Castillo de San Marcos #1

The Spanish took 23 years to construct the massive defense structure. It was completed in 1672-1695. They used native coquina beach stone to build thick walls that could withstand multiple attacks by British troops.

It was used as an American Revolution prison. In the late 19th century, the prison was used as an Indian prison until it closed in 1900. It was declared a National Monument on 1924. It is also the oldest masonry Fort in the United States. You can enjoy spectacular views of the city from the gun decks. Special events are often held within the courtyard.

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Fort Matanzas was built from coquina and is now being maintained by National Park Service. This is one cheap thing to do in St. Augustine. The ferry and site are free. You can picnic there, walk the nature trails, and search the beaches for shells. Visitors can enjoy afternoon demonstrations and educational tours with the Park Service at the Fort.

Lightner Museum #2

The former Alcazar Hotel was built by Henry Flagler in 1888 and features one of America’s finest collections of decorative and fine arts from the 19th century. These collections are eclectic and include Tiffany glass as well fine furniture and porcelains. There is also sculpture and paintings. But they also include shrunken skulls, mechanical musical instrument, a mummy and cigar labels.

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Flagler’s hotel in 1890s was the most impressive in its era. The ballroom was filled with fashion guests, who danced there and then swam in the largest indoor pool in the country.

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park #3

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zooological Park is an exciting thing to do with kids in St. Augustine, including teens. It is always a hit with the whole family.

The park boasts the uniqueness of having all living crocodiles as its resident species. This means that tourists can see more than native Florida reptiles. The Nile exhibit features a variety viewing areas and is Egyptian-themed. This makes it a good spot to take interesting crocodile photos. You will also find the saltier, an area where you can see Australia’s largest salt-water crocodile, Maximo. Maximo weighs in at 1,250 lbs. and measures more than 15 feet in length. You can view him in his habitat from an underwater viewing area.

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A variety of animals live in the park, including exotic birds, snakes and five types of monkeys. It is home to the endangered species red-ruffed lemurs and ringtail lemurs. Visitors can observe the animals in the wild and enjoy wildlife shows. These shows provide interesting and informative background about the animals as well.

The Ximenez – Fatio House Museum #4

The Ximenez – Fatio House originally was built in 1798 for the Ximenez Family. This gorgeous coquina stone architectural gem turned into a fashionable St. Augustine’s Boarding House that provided accommodations to many more distinguished guests. It is now a museum that displays the Florida lifestyle in the early 1900s during the original tourist boom.

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Each room has been carefully preserved and restored. Each room tells a tale about a specific type of visitor who stayed in the house. These include pirates, adventurers, soldiers, sailors, botanists, as well as those recovering from Florida’s mild climate.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum #5

In the historic district of Castle Warden Hotel is now home to 800 exhibits that represent Robert Ripley’s curiosities collection. The Odditorium has delighted, surprised, and entertained visitors since 1950 with its unique displays of unusual and strange objects. This museum has everything you need, from historic artifacts to bizarre and unbelievable objects, as well as a motorcycle built of actual bone.

The “Space Oddities gallery features items as small as a set crayons cut into Star Wars characters or as large and elaborate as a replica of the international station made entirely from matchsticks. If this doesn’t seem strange enough, you should also keep an eye on the ghosts of two women that died in a burning fire while they were staying at our hotel.

Visit In St. Augustine
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Ripley’s also provides the Red Train Tours. These tours are open-air and guided, with 22 stops. You can get on and off at your leisure to visit the city’s most important sites. Ghost Train Adventure is an interactive tour lasting 80 minutes that explores two sites known for their paranormal activity. Each guest receives their own Electromagnetic Field meters and many guests return home with photos that contain curious images.

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