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New Orleans: Top Rated 5 Amazing Places To Visit In New Orleans, Louisiana

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Tourist Attractions in New Orleans, Louisiana

If you are planning a vacation to New Orleans, Louisiana, you should definitely visit the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. This museum displays a variety of art styles and techniques from the area’s culture and history. This is considered one of the best things to do in New Orleans. You can also explore the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, which has many fascinating exhibits. Here, you will learn about the history of prescription medication, the role that it played in the city’s development, and more.

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For a taste of the local cuisine, you should visit the famous French Quarter. Besides a thriving music scene, New Orleans is known for its mouth-watering Cajun food. One of the must-try foods in this city is gumbo, which is Louisiana’s official cuisine. It contains vegetables and meat, and is served with rice. Those who love food should also try jambalaya, which is a mix of meat, rice, and sausage.

The Presbyter, which is the flagship location of the Louisiana State Museum, is another important landmark in the city. This building houses two permanent exhibits, Mardi Gras and Living with Hurricanes, which educate visitors on Hurricane Katrina’s impact on the city and the state. It is also home to the Audubon Zoo, which opened its doors in 1914. It has an impressive 210-meter diameter and can accommodate 73,000 people.

French Quarter #1

New Orleans’ French Quarter is the main attraction for tourists who visit the city. It’s located on the Mississippi River bend and the main attraction is its architecture. But it’s also great for eating and entertainment.

Some of these buildings date back more than 300 years. Many of these buildings house hotels, restaurants as souvenir shops, galleries, or a multitude of jazz spots offering entertainment of varying quality.

Bourbon Street is perhaps the most iconic street in Paris’ French Quarter. But it isn’t the only highlight. The street is fairly safe in the daytime, but it turns into a noisy pedestrian area at night that can be dangerous.

Places To Visit In New Orleans, Louisiana

Royal Street offers a rich mix of history, fine dining, and unique shopping options. It also has galleries, boutiques, and hotels that offer higher-end services. One of the most iconic buildings on Royal Street is Court of Two Sisters (1832), known for its jazz brunch.

Frenchmen Street, where you can hear quality jazz musicians performing traditional music, is the perfect place. The area is also home to many excellent restaurants.

Jackson Square is another must-see in the French Quarter. It’s also close to the waterfront. There are many artists, musicians, and buskers who set up shop around the square.

Mardi Gras #2

Mardi Gras New Orleans is the most celebrated event. It has celebrations that last two weeks, culminating with the finale on Shrove Tuesday the day before Ash Wednesday.

Celebrations often include daily parades as well as entertainment and festivities that get more intense with each passing day. Many people gather on sidewalks and balconies for the spectacles and to view the beaded necklaces that are tossed from the extravagantly decorated vehicles.

Places To Visit In New Orleans, Louisiana

Bourbon Street, one of the most popular areas for people to gather, is packed. But the French Quarter itself is always crowded. French settlers brought the tradition to the city, and it was very popular at the close of the 19th Century.

Jackson Square #3

Jackson square is the central square in Paris’ French Quarter. This was once known as Place d’Armes. A General Andrew Jackson-equestrian statue (1856), can be found in the square’s center.

One end of the square features the St. Louis Cathedral, a landmark with its iconic white facade and cone-shaped towers. Cabildo and Presbytere, both Louisiana State Museums, are also within close proximity to the cathedral.

Places To Visit In New Orleans, Louisiana

The area just in front of Cathedral, near the iron fence, has been a popular hangout for artists. There are also nearby shops and restaurants which make it a popular spot among tourists.

The entire area is well-designed along the banks and Mississippi. It includes the Riverboat Docks, the Moon Walk promenade, the Millhouse, and many other shops.

St. Louis Cathedral #4

The St. Louis Cathedral, a New Orleans landmark, can be found on the north end of Jackson Square. It was built on top of two older churches. It is also the oldest US cathedral still in continuous use. Pope John Paul I visited the cathedral in 1987.

Places To Visit In New Orleans, Louisiana

Don Andres Almonester de Roxas, an American who donated money to rebuild New Orleans from the aftermath of the second great flood, built the church.

National WWII Museum #5

The National WWII Museum is an interesting spot in New Orleans for history buffs fascinated by battles from the past. It was once called the National D-Day Museum. Now it’s one of the top ten places tourists visit in New Orleans.

The museum originally focused solely on D-Day’s events and its aftermath. Many exhibits were dedicated to the Battle of Normandy. In 2009, however, the museum was given its current name in compliance with Congress’ 2009 designation.

Places To Visit In New Orleans, Louisiana
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Although the National WWII Museum focuses on D-Day, it has become a Smithsonian Institution affiliate. If you are visiting the museum, make sure to go up to the observation deck. Here, you can see the aircraft delicately suspended from the ceiling.

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