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Evans: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Evans, Gerogia

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Beautiful landscapes are a part of the town, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants that offer unique and interesting outdoor activities.

Best Time To Travel

From April to October is the best time to visit Evans, Georgia. You will enjoy a mild temperature and very little rain. The average temperature in Evans is 33 degrees Celsius in July, and it is lowest at 12 degrees Celsius in January.

Places to Explore – Evans, Gerogia

Evans is a census-designated area in Columbia County, Georgia. It is located in the Augusta metro area and is a suburb. At the 2010 census, the population was 29,011 – an increase of 17,727 from the 2000 census. Evans is found in eastern Columbia County.

It is bordered to northeast by Savannah River which forms the South Carolina State line. Martinez is located to the southeast. The center of Augusta lies 11 miles (18 kilometers) to the southeast.

Columbia County Amphitheater

The Columbia County Performing Arts Center enriches Evans, GA, and Augusta, GA with plays, musicals, and other local theater events.

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The Columbia County Amphitheater hosts a wide range of events and activities in Evans. The venue hosts family functions, weddings and concerts. Most events take place on weekends. You are free to explore the grounds, except when there is an event. A very pleasant garden is available in the park that’s perfect for children’s play. It’s safe, spacious, and has lots of greenery.

More Details About Columbia County Amphitheater

Website: Columbia County Amphitheater
Address: 7022 Evans Town Center Blvd, Evans, GA 30809, United States
Contact: +1 706-868-3484

Blanchard Woods Park

Blanchard Woods Park, Evans has one of the few parks that offers a skatepark equipped with all the necessary structures for maximum enjoyment.

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Once you are able to balance in motion, skating is a fun sport. This is a great place to learn and improve your skating skills. You will need to bring your own skates to the park.

More Details About Blanchard Woods Park

Website: Blanchard Woods Park
Address: 4600 Blanchard Woods Dr, Evans, GA 30809, United States
Contact: +1 706-863-7523

Riverside Park

There are large, open spaces for picnics as well as well-maintained trails for running and biking.

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Riverside Park is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts and one of Evans’ top recreational parks. A pond is available for kayaking and fishing, but it is not used all the time. There is so much to do in the park. This includes going for walks around. It is a great place to relax, enjoy nature, and take in the views from the trees and green spaces.

More Details About Riverside Park

Website: Riverside Park
Address: 4431 Hardy McManus Rd, Evans, GA 30809, USA
Contact: +1 706-863-7523

Evans Town Center Park

There are many other games available for the children to play after they have finished splashing.

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You don’t have to worry about your age, join the fun at Evans Town Center Splash Park with your kids. You don’t have to think about your age. Let your children enjoy the fun of playing at the park while being splashed with water. This is a popular choice for kids of all ages. The Evans Towne Center Park (ETCP), located in Evans, GA, is close to The Plaza development project.

It offers the following amenities that help bring unforgettable experiences to life. Evans Towne Center Park offers a paved track and BCycle Rentals. There’s also a splash pad, playground, and dog park.

More Details About Evans Town Center Park

Website: Evans Town Center Park
Address: 7016 Evans Town Center Blvd, Evans, GA 30809, United States
Contact: +1 706-650-5005

AR Workshop Evans

AR Workshop is a boutique DIY studio offering hands-on classes to create charming, custom home decor using raw materials.

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You can learn how to make wood plank signs, frames, canvas pillows, round signs and lazy susans. AR Workshop(r), will help you elevate your home decor and make it fun! The workshop hours may vary depending on the class schedule and attendance.

More Details About AR Workshop Evans

Website: AR Workshop Evans
Address: 3116 William Few Pkwy 2 Evans, GA 30809,” United States
Contacts: +1 706-817-4113

The Ballroom Dance Center

It is possible to watch other dancers and, if you find it exciting enough, you can join them for a tango.

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Are you a skilled dancer? Would you like to improve your skills? The Ballroom Dance Center is a great place to learn if you are passionate about dancing. You will have fun learning dance moves and having fun with certified instructors at the center. The center can be used for many dance competitions and shows.

More Details About The Ballroom Dance Center

Website: The Ballroom Dance Center
Address: 525 Grand Slam Dr, Evans, GA 30809, United States
Contact: +1 706-854-8888

Bartram Trail Golf

It is the only Columbia County public course that allows players to enjoy the Bermuda-bladed exotic grass.

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Bartram Trail Golf is one of the most renowned courses in golf. The course is in excellent condition and private lessons are available. It is the only Columbia County public course to offer Mini Verde ultra-dwarf Bermuda grass. There are five par 5’s as well as five par 3.

More Details About Bartram Trail Golf

Website: Bartram Trail Golf
Address: 470 Bartram Trail Club Dr, Evans, GA 30809, United States
Contact: +1 706-210-4681

FAQs: More Details About Evans, Gerogia

What is Evans GA known for?

Beautiful landscapes are a part of the town, as well as a variety of shops and restaurants that offer unique and innovative cuisines and other outdoor activities. Evans offers something for everyone, from T-Bonz’s steakhouse to Rhinehart’s Oyster Bar’s “beyond casual” style, Evans has it all. You can find many unique boutiques around the area.

Is Evans Georgia a good place to live?

Columbia County Board of Commissioners and County Administration is excited to announce Evans, Georgia ranked #1 by Money as the Best Place to Live 2020-2021.

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