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Vancouver : Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Vancouver

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Vancouver, Washington is home to 182,792 people. Vancouver is located in Clark County. Vancouver residents have an urban suburban feel, and many own their homes. There are many restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and other amenities in Vancouver. Vancouver is home to many young professionals and families. The residents are conservative and tend to be conservative. Vancouver’s public schools are excellent.

Image Source : Wikimedia

Vancouver was historically one of the largest commercial hubs in the region. 

The sun sets over the Washington side, where busy factories are still visible. Yachts dock at the ports along the Columbia to take advantage of the gentle surge of tide fluctuations and the gentle swell of passing barges.

Kelley Point Park #1

Kelley Point Park, located at the northernmost point Portland’s city limits, and at the confluence between the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. It is undoubtedly one of the most underutilized parks within the city. This is the ideal spot for those who want to relax in the sun and cool the waters. The Columbia and Willamette rivers have sandy beaches. However, swimming is not recommended due to the strong undercurrent. The park’s border is paved, offering many picnic areas and beautiful lawns. This area is a great place to listen to the tranquility of the black cottonwood forest, as well as a variety of walking trails.

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Jackson Kelley, an unassuming New Englander, was the park’s founder. He unsuccessfully attempted to establish a settlement at Oregon’s confluence during one of his trips to New England.

 The site, which was once part of Percy Island, has been owned by the Port of Portland throughout its history. It wasn’t made a park until 1984.

More Details About Green River Trail

Address : N Kelly Point Park Rd, Portland, OR 97203, United States
Phone : +1 503-823-2525

Vancouver Lake #2

Vancouver Lake is a large Columbia River floodplain lakes located adjacent to Vancouver. It serves a number of functions as a regional resource. These include wildlife habitat, flood control, wetlands, surface and ground water hydrology, boating, bird watching and hiking, hunting, and many more.

Image Source : Flickr

There are many government agencies that share an interest in and have authority over the diverse functions of the lake.

These functions were shaped by public interest since the 1800s, when farming was common. A recent US Geological Survey study found that Vancouver’s Burnt Bridge Creek contributes approximately 2 percent to Vancouver Lake’s annual flow volume.

More Details About Vancouver Lake

Area : 9.32 km²
Mean depth : 91 cm

Lacamas Lake #3

Lacamas Park is a popular spot for swimming, boating and fishing. Lacamas Park is adjacent to Round Lake and offers a view from the ring of the natural habitat. There are 312 acres of hiking trails. This area is home to the unique Camas lilies, which are dark blue in color. Mid-April is the blooming season.

Image Source : Flickr

The Lacamas Park’s northern section has a picnic shelter, rest areas, and playground areas. Below the dam, Lacamas Creek flows southwards, through a unique brick formation known as the Pot Holes. The wilderness area is populated by large old growth trees that attract birds watchers.

More Details About Lacamas Lake

Area :123 ha
Max. depth: 60 ft (18 m)

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail #4

It is an easy hike, bike ride or wheelchair path. You will find grassy wetlands, forested areas and some sections of sidewalk as the trail winds its way. The trail is being improved on the surface and there are street crossings. There are also plans to extend it north to Meadowbrook Marsh.

Image Source : Wikimedia

More Details About Burnt Bridge Creek Trail

Address : 1617 N Devine Rd, Vancouver, WA 98661, United States
Phone : +1 360-487-8311

Whipple Creek Regional Park #5

You can find over five miles worth of trails that run through mixed woodland and shallow gullies. A good loop can also be made around the perimeter.

Image Source : Wikimedia

Because of its close proximity to a stable, the park is very popular for riding. Many trails are now well-groomed and not as muddy as before. Some trails might be closed during winter.

More Details About Whipple Creek Regional Park

Address : 17202 NW 21st Ave, Ridgefield, WA 98642, United States
Phone : +1 360-397-2285

Blue Lake Regional Park #6

Blue Lake Park, a large recreation park in Fairview, Oregon is less than 20 minutes from downtown Portland. The park has a splash pad that kids can use anytime it is over 70 degrees. Blue Lake, a man-made lake with sand beaches, can be found near the spray ground. A small portion of the lake has been designated for swimming. This is a shallow area, but it’s only for children over five years old. There is usually a lifeguard available. Blue Lake Region park also has a playground, picnic tables and a Frisbee course. There is also an archery range.

Image Source : flickr

More Details About Blue Lake Regional Park

Address :21224 NE Blue Lake Rd, Fairview, OR 97024, USA
Phone : +1 503-665-4995

Salmon Creek Greenway Trail #7

The Salmon Creek Greenway Trail was opened in 1996 and offers a beautiful natural escape in the northern Vancouver, Washington. This is a great spot for a quick getaway into the natural world.

Image Source : Wikimedia

The Salmon Creek Greenway Trail will take you along the creek through bottomlands and wetlands, and on to forested hillsides at the north end of Cougar Creek.

More Details About Salmon Creek Greenway Trail

Address : Vancouver, WA 98685, United States
Phone : +1 360-397-2000

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