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Statesboro: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Statesboro, Georgia

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The Georgia Municipal Association also recognizes the city as one of nine state live, work and play’ cities.

Mode of Transport

The City of Statesboro is partnering with the Coastal Regional Commission to provide transit service for the citizens of Statesboro.

Best Time To Travel

July, August and June are the hottest months. The hottest time of the year is usually from early to mid-August. Temperatures average around 94.3 degrees F (34.6 degrees C) and temperatures seldom drop below 73.7 degrees F (23.2degC).

Travel Attractions – Statesboro

Although its name may not be household friendly, Statesboro is Georgia’s largest city and county seat. It is located in the state’s southeast, about 100 km from the Atlantic Seaboard. It was chartered in 1803. It was established as a trading center for the nearby cotton plantations. However, the city was so small that the courthouse was used as a barn by the middle of 1903.

Statesboro’s growth really began after the American Civil War. Many freed slaves decided to remain in the region. In 1906, Georgia Southern University was established. Statesboro is a city that has a university campus, which gives it a youthful, creative atmosphere.

Georgia Southern University Museum

Although it is part of Georgia Southern University’s Natural History Museum, this museum dedicated the state’s natural history is not boring or dusty.

Its halls are filled with interactive exhibits that are family-friendly. The eight-metre, 78-million-year-old skeleton of an 8-metre Mosasaur, also known as the T-Rex of the Sea will keep your attention the longest. It’s second is the 42-million-year old Vogtle whale fossil.

Image Credit : Facebook

This fossil is North America’s oldest. The museum also contains the complete skeleton from a Bryde’s whale fossil, as well as treasures from deep like sawfish bills or sharks’ teeth.

More Details About Georgia Southern University Museum

Website: Georgia Southern University Museum
Address: 2142 Southern Dr, Statesboro, GA 30458, United States
Contact: +1 912-478-5444

Splash in the Boro Water Park

Splash in Boro is a more adrenaline-fuelled activity, Water park. The park features nine attractions spread over 600,000 sq. metres.

It also includes a lazy river that runs around the leisure pools. The pool area is a great place to take younger children, and there’s also a wave pool.

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It is supervised by lifeguards and features a combination of nursery pools, slides for children and other attractions to keep young ones busy. The centre is located in Mill Creek Regional Park and has a 25m lap swimming pool.

More Details About Splash in the Boro Water Park

Website: Splash in the Boro Water Park
Address: 1388 GA-24, Statesboro, GA 30461, United States
Contact: +1 912-489-3000

Averitt Center for the Arts

The Averitt Center for the Arts is a great place to start any exploration of downtown Statesboro. It is a vibrant cultural hub and consists of two buildings.

You can recognize the first building by its beautiful, off-white Greek-style exterior columns and decorations. This was once the Bank of Statesboro before it fell during the Great Depression. The Georgia Theatre is the second building, now known as the Emma Kelly Theatre after a local singer.

Image Credit : Wikimedia

The building’s art deco style was preserved when it was renovated. This allows visitors to get a sense of what Statesboro looked like in the 1930s. Both buildings are home to a variety of events throughout the year.

More Details About Averitt Center for the Arts

Website: Averitt Center for the Arts
Address: 33 E Main St, Statesboro, GA 30458, United States
Contact: +1 912-212-2787

Blind Willie McTell Trail

Although this short trail of four kilometres won’t please serious hikers, it offers a glimpse into daily Statesboro. It connects Memorial Park to Triangle Park, right in the middle of the city’s downtown area.

This trail passes through American scenes that are often ignored by guidebooks and television news. The trail is great for alfresco dining, especially in the warmer months of southeast Georgia.

Image Credit : Facebook

The route is named after the blind composer of Statesboro Blues, who lived in the area for most of his life. A plaque can be found along the route.

More Details About Blind Willie McTell Trail

Address: 433 Fair Rd, Statesboro, GA 30458, United States

Statesboro Farmers Market

Every Saturday, the farmers of the area descend upon downtown Statesboro to offer their residents and visitors the best produce from the region.

Statesboro’s Farmers Market is another attraction that can be found along Main Street. The stalls feature everything from farm-fresh eggs to beautiful cuts of meat, and a majority are small-scale family farms.

Image Credit : Facebook

You’ll find a variety of items to eat and drink among these stalls, including lemonade or coffee. As you sip your coffee, listen to live music and check out the handicrafts.

More Details About Statesboro Farmers Market

Address: 222 S Main St, Statesboro, GA 30458, United States
Contact: +1 912-259-9555

Centre for Wildlife Education

The facility’s 12-acre acreage includes the Lamar Q Ball Jr. Raptor Center and an amphitheater.

The facility opened on Forest Drive, Georgia Southern University’s campus. The Center for Wildlife Education offers the opportunity to see eagles fly and touch its resident Python. The center also displays birds of prey such as vultures and falcons.

Image Credit : Facebook

You can also visit the center to see the habitats of reptiles, raptors, mammals. The Center’s wetland preserve includes a capture basin as well as a small pond with a beaver lodge. A visit to the Center for Wildlife Education can be highlighted by self-guided nature walks along the Children’s Discovery Trail.

More Details About Centre for Wildlife Education

Website: Centre for Wildlife Education
Address: 1461 Forest Dr, Statesboro, GA 30460, United States
Contact: +1 912-478-0831

Eagle Creek Brewing Company

You can enjoy them alongside live music events that provide a great backdrop to Spot Tail, River Street Praline American brown ale, and Tea Party Amber.

Eagle Creek Brewing Company is more than a craft brewery. It is an authentic example of the Georgia southern charm. The brewery also has a full-service restaurant that serves a variety of beers and wines.

Image Credit : Facebook

Eagle Creek has some of these beers available elsewhere. However, Eagle Creek also reserves some beer for its brewpub taproom. For a full craft beer experience, you’ll have to visit Eagle Creek.

More Details About Eagle Creek Brewing Company

Website: Eagle Creek Brewing Company
Address: 106 Savannah Ave B, Statesboro, GA 30458, United States
Contact: +1 912-489-2337

FAQs: More Details About Statesboro, Georgia

What is Statesboro, GA known for?

Statesboro, Georgia is an extraordinary city where the Eagles fly. Its roots are rooted in southern traditions and embrace a new energy that is derived from local universities and colleges.

Is Statesboro, GA safe?

According to FBI crime data Statesboro is not among the most safe communities in America. Statesboro’s crime rate is significantly higher than Georgia’s.

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