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Perry: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Perry, Georgia

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Perry, Georgia offers many amenities including a relaxed atmosphere, low traffic jams, delicious food and friendly people. Because it draws many tourists from other states and neighboring cities, Perry is rightly known as "Where Georgia Comes Together".

Attractions in Perry, Georgia

Perry, Texas County’s county seat, was established in 1823. As of 2019, the population was 17.894. The Georgia National Fair is held annually in Perry. The city also has many other attractions, such as the Perry Area Historical Museum and the Go Fish Education Center.

Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

After visiting the Junior Hog Market Show, Macon in 1983, the idea for Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter was born. Representative Larry Walker believed that Georgia’s agricultural youth needed better facilities to showcase their livestock projects.

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Later in the year, Henry L. Reaves, GA State Representative, called a meeting with youth civic and political leaders. Representative Larry Walker, Jack Smith, Rep. Reaves and Dr. M.K. were among those present. Cook, Bobby Rowan Rep. Reaves was appointed to lead a task force that examined the feasibility of setting up a state-wide youth and agricultural show center.

The Committee of Dr. Cook determined that such a center was both practical and desirable. Rep. Reaves was Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture. The project ended up costing $25 million.

More Details About Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter

Website: Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter
Address: 401 Larry Walker Pkwy. Perry, GA 31069-1367
Contact: +1 478-987-3247

Go Fish Education Center

The Go Fish Education Center will take you on a journey through Georgia’s watersheds, where you can learn more about the diverse aquatic species and their natural habitats as well as the effects of pollution.

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The Center is a great source of information on fishing for all levels, including where to go, how to use it, and when. Over 170,000 gallons are of aquatic exhibits featuring fish from Georgia’s mountains, piedmont, coast, and swamp habitats. You can also use our freshwater and saltwater fishing and hunting simulators as well as a pond to practice your fishing skills.

We are a Georgia Department of Natural Resources Facility. We are open Friday through Saturday, 9 am to 5 p.m. and Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. We offer field trips and group tours Tuesday through Thursday. These must be scheduled in advance.

More Details About Go Fish Education Center

Website: Go Fish Education Center
Address: 1255 Perry Parkway, Perry, GA 31069
Contact: +1 478-988-6701

Historic Downtown Perry

The historic downtown Perry is home to many shops and restaurants that both locals and tourists love. There are many points of interest in the area, including The New Perry Hotel, The Sam Nunn and Perry Area Historical Museum.

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You’ll find many shops and restaurants in this area that will keep you busy for quite some time. This charming little town is bursting with beauty and pride. Take a stroll down Carroll Street to discover the many unique shops and then enjoy a delicious meal at one of our downtown restaurants.

More Details About Historic Downtown Perry

Website: Historic Downtown Perry
Address: 741 Main Street, Perry, GA 31069
Contact: +1 478 988-2761

Perry Players

Perry Players Community Theatre was established in the early 1980s. It began as a repertory theatre company in Perry, Georgia. They produced everything from sketches, skits, and one-act plays to full-length dramas, comedies, and comedy in schools, studios, recital halls, and other venues.

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They purchased the theatre building at 909 Main Street with the help of many patrons, benefactors, and businesses in the Middle Georgia region. Their vision for excellence, class, and growth is still alive today, with their beautiful theatre building in Perry’s historic downtown.

The theatre offers the chance for community members to take part in all aspects of the theatre’s operation, including performing on the stage, running the sound system, designing and building costumes and sets, and volunteering at the Box Officehttps://www.perryplayers.org/

More Details About Perry Players

Address: 909 Main Street, Perry, GA 31069
Contact: +1 478-987-5354

Flat Creek Public Fishing Area

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Flat Creek Public Fishing Area offers a variety of recreational activities, including fishing and hiking. The site offers a tranquil view of Lonice-C. Barrett Lake. Your partner and you can enjoy many activities together, such as fishing, picnicking and hiking.

Before you head to Flat Creek Public Fishing Area, bring a picnic basket and fishing equipment. As you wait for your catch, set your picnic basket down and relax in the area you choose. For couples, a day at Flat Creek Public Fishing Area can be one of the most romantic activities in Perry.

More Details About Flat Creek Public Fishing Area

Website: Flat Creek Public Fishing Area
Address: 2340 US-41, Perry, GA 31069
Contact: +1 478-825-6151

Perry Area Historical Museum

The Perry Area Historical Society’s Museum was opened in March 2010. It houses a variety of artifacts, memorabilia and other memorabilia that date back to Perry’s early days. The Museum’s Resource Room, which houses many family histories and photos, is of particular interest to researchers. 

Image Credit : Facebook

The Perry Area Historical Museum has a collection that includes artifacts and memorabilia dating back to Perry’s early days. Perry’s older house is home to the museum. The Museum’s Resource room contains many family stories and photos.

It’s amazing to see how many items are displayed in such creative and interesting ways. Each room has a different theme. It is worth the effort to take a guided tour, which allows you to benefit from the extensive knowledge of volunteers. It is the only place in the area that can keep and retrieve information about genealogical aspects of local families.

More Details About Perry Area Historical Museum

Website: Perry Area Historical Museum
Address: 901 Northside Dr, Perry, GA 31069
Contact: +1 478 224-4442

Houston Lake Country Club

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The Houston Lake Country Club is located along Houston Lake and boasts an 18-hole course. It has received a few accolades. The 18-hole course offers stunning views as you travel through the vast grounds. Take a swing on the 18-hole course and grab some clubs. Because of its stunning setting, you’ll enjoy playing golf at this location.

More Details About Houston Lake Country Club

Address: 100 Champions Way, Perry, GA 31069
Contact: +1 478 218-5253

FAQs: More Details About Perry, Georgia

What is Perry GA known for?

Perry is the heart of Georgia, as it hosts the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter. It also hosts events such as the Perry Music Festival and the Perry Buzzard Drop.

Is Perry GA a nice place to live?

Perry, located in Houston County, is one of the most desirable places to live in Georgia. Perry residents enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle and many own their homes. Perry is home to many young professionals and families. Residents tend to be moderate in their political views. High-rated public schools in Perry have high ratings.

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