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Jesup: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Jesup, Georgia

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Jesup's most pleasant months are October, November, and April. July and August are the coldest.

Attractions in Jesup, Georgia

You can spend the day in a park or watch a film at an historic theater. Or you can go golfing in a beautiful manicured setting. You can also enjoy catching up with your travel friends over drinks at a bar or doing many fun things outdoors.

To make planning easier and more fun, I created a list of the top things to do in Jesup. Check out these tips to help you pack your bags and start that long-awaited vacation.

Bill Morris Park

Bill Morris Park is a waterfront park located on the banks Baykin Lake. It is loved by families for its few amenities. You will find facilities such as a swimming pool, scenic nature trails and clean toilets.

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Spend the afternoon or morning at Bill Morris Park with your loved ones and have a great time. Playing softball, baseball or chase your kids around can be a great bonding activity.

You can enjoy a quiet time running or trekking along uncrowded trails, or teaching your children how to fish.

More Details About Bill Morris Park

Address: 1654 Sunset Blvd, Jesup, GA 31545
Contact: +1 (912) 427-5916

Penholoway Swamp Wildlife Management Area

Penholoway Swamp Wildlife Management Area is a top hunting and fishing destination. It covers more than 4,000 acres. You and your companions will enjoy many fun activities at this well-known attraction.

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There are also facilities such as free parking and a dock from which you can launch your watercraft. You can hunt, hike, practice your photography skills, geocaching and hunting among other activities.

A waterfront adventure can be had by canoeing or kayaking as well as fishing.

More Details About Penholoway Swamp Wildlife Management Area

Address: River Rd., Jesup, GA 31546
Contact: +1 (912) 262-3173

Jesup Drive-In Theatre

Jesup Drive-In Theatre was established in 1940 and is well-known for its wide selection of movies that it screens throughout the year. This unique experience offers you a unique cinematic experience. You can enjoy a great show and take in the beautiful surroundings.

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It also has onsite concessionaires that sell delicious snacks and clean restrooms. Enjoy a memorable date with your loved one while you enjoy a movie at Jesup Drive-In Theater.

You can relax in your car, or lay a towel on the grass for a picnic and watch a spectacular show.

More Details About Jesup Drive-In Theatre

Website: Jesup Drive-In Theatre
Address: 3686 Savannah Hwy, Jesup, GA 31545
Contact: +1 (912) 427-7254

Historic Strand Dinner Cinema

Built in 1924, the Historic Strand Dinner Cinema features Art Deco architecture and modern films, paired with high-quality food. It features a comfortable, reclining leather seat, state-of the-art sound systems and personal tables.

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Freshly cooked meals are also available. The theater is ideal for traveling with friends, family, or someone special. Enjoy quality time with your travel companions at the Historic Strand Dinner Cinema.

Enjoy a show and eat a delicious meal, such as pizza or juicy burgers.

More Details About Historic Strand Dinner Cinema

Website: Historic Strand Dinner Cinema
Address: 169 W Cherry St, Jesup, GA 31545
Contact: +1 (912) 385-2114

Pine Forest Country Club

Pine Forest Country Club was established in 1970 and offers many fun activities as well as an 18-hole course. It boasts a well-maintained golf course, a crystal pool, sports courts and rental facilities for special events.

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There is also a restaurant that serves food from top chefs. Enjoy a memorable vacation with your loved ones, tribe or friends at this famous country club. You can enjoy a relaxing game of golf or eat at the magnificent restaurant.

It also offers a swimming pool and tennis courts. There are also occasional events throughout the year.

More Details About Pine Forest Country Club

Website: Pine Forest Country Club
Address: 1 Club Dr, Jesup, GA 31546
Contact: +1 (912) 427-6505

McMillan Creek Greenway

McMillan Creek Greenway, a popular hiking trail that runs for miles through forests and wetlands, is one of the most well-known. You can find many lovely and pleasant places in Jesup where you can enjoy the great outdoors.

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If you are looking for free activities in Jesup, this is the place to go. It has an elevated boardwalk which runs through stunning scenery with tall trees and lush wetlands. You can enjoy this beautiful trail alone or with your friends to have a great time jogging or hiking.

Comfortable shoes are recommended as you walk along this boardwalk. You can also stop by every now and again to capture its natural beauty.

More Details About McMillan Creek Greenway

Address: Pine street, Jesup, GA 31545

Daily News Neighborhood Pub

The Daily News Neighborhood Pub was established in 1993 and is a popular spot for tourists and locals. The bar features a full-service bar with an impressive selection of fine-tasting alcohol concoctions and pool tables for fun games.

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It also has a relaxed, inviting ambiance. This trendy pub is a great place to meet up with friends and have a memorable bonding experience.

This is the ideal spot to enjoy a delicious cocktail such as margaritas, tequila sunrises, and jello shots in various flavors while you play pool.

More Details About Daily News Neighborhood Pub

Address: 512 US-301, Jesup, GA 31546
Contac: (912) 530-9342

FAQs: More Details About Jesup, Georgia

What is Jesup GA known for?

Jesup was home to an Italian prisoner-of-war camp during World War II. Many people from Jesup during that time still remember fondly the delicious smells of the camp’s cooking.

Is Jesup Georgiaa good place to live?

Jesup is the perfect place for those who love quiet and rural areas. The crime rate is lower than in bigger cities like Atlanta and Savannah. Most people are friendly. It is a great place to live with your family or as a single person. It is a great place for farmers, introverts and people who enjoy fishing and the outdoors.

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