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Georgetown: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Georgetown, Georgia

Georgetown: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Georgetown, Georgia

Travel Attractions – Georgetown, Georgia

Georgetown is located in Quitman County (Georgia), United States. It lies on the Alabama-Georgia border, next to Walter F. George Lake, and across the Chattahoochee River at Eufaula (Alabama). Georgetown’s outdoor activities are a great choice for nature lovers. There are 20 things to do in Georgetown, no matter what their interests.

The historic significance of historical attractions such as the Old Stone House, Tudor Place and Historic Georgetown Walking Tour will be appreciated by history buffs. Some people may be more impressed by the Book Hill and Cady’s Alley shopping opportunities. Others will find the best attraction to be the food scene.

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Georgetown Waterfront Park

Georgetown Waterfront Park runs along the Potomac River, connecting 225 miles worth of parkland. Locals love the park’s unique design and views of Theodore Roosevelt Island and Key Bridge. The park is a great place to exercise and contemplate.

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Georgetown Waterfront Park’s key features include a labyrinth that encourages contemplation, a fountain that is an eye-opener, river steps, and a steel cable pergola, which are great for relaxing and enjoying the Potomac.

More Details About Georgetown Waterfront Park

Address:3303 Water St NW, Washington, DC 20007, United States
Contact:+1 202-895-6000

Cady’s Alley

Cady’s Alley, Georgetown’s most trendy area, is home to many small businesses that specialize in hip apparel and home design. This is the ultimate retail experience for trendy shoppers. You can expect to find exclusive brands and specialty shops that are focused on fashion, design and furnishings.

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Cady’s Alley is a reflection of the design principles that they promote. Shoppers will find shops with high ceilings, exposed brick, glass and steel elements around the central courtyard. Here is where the fashionable reimagine their homes and lives.

More Details About Cady’s Alley

Address:3318 M St NW #3316, Washington, DC 20007, United States
Contact:+1 202-688-3994

Old Stone House

The Old Stone House, located on Georgetown’s famous M Street, is listed on National Register of Historic Places. It was built in the British colony of Maryland and constructed in 1765. It is the oldest structure still standing on its original foundation in Washington D.C. This makes it an amazing piece of architecture and has a rich history.

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The house offers self-guided tours for free. It has a kitchen, two bedrooms on the second and a third bedroom. All rooms are decorated with period appropriate furniture. A small gift shop is available for souvenirs.

More Details About Old Stone House

Address:3051 M Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

Capital Crescent Trail

The Capital Crescent Trail is a shared-use, paved hiking and biking path. It runs along the 11-mile former B & O Railroad track, which was in use between 1910 and 1985 from Georgetown, Maryland to Silver Spring, Maryland. It is part the C & O Canal National Historic Park. The trail will take you to seven bridges and two tunnels with gentle gradients.

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The Coalition for the Capital Crescent Trail was instrumental in the design of the trail and coordinated funding from the National Park Service and government for its completion. The ultimate goal of their efforts is to pave the trail with a 2-foot wide stone-dust edge for running and offer trail amenities such as water fountains and benches.

More Details About Capital Crescent Trail

Address:1400 16th Street NW, Washington, DC,

Dumbarton House

The 1800 Federal-style Dumbarton House tells the story of life in the capital’s early years. Over 1,000 paintings, pottery, silver, textiles and furniture from the Federal Period are part of the Dumbarton Collection. There is also a collection original documents that describe nearly 300 years of the history of the house and surrounding area.

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The 1.5-acre estate includes beautiful gardens and terraces. The east side of Dumbarton House is East Park. There’s also the Herb Garden with over 40 plants that tell the story about early America.

More Details About Dumbarton House

Address:2715 Q Street NW, Washington, DC,

Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection

Dumbarton Oaks was once the home Robert and Mildred Biss. It is now a museum and research library in Georgetown, Washington, DC. Researchers are welcome to examine its documents, images, and books. It is open to the public as an art museum.

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You can expect to find permanent galleries of Byzantine, pre-Columbian, and textile art, as well as a Renaissance-inspired Music Room and rare book gallery. Dumbarton Oaks hosts concerts and lectures in its Music Room.

More Details About Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection

Address:1703 32nd Street NW, Washington, DC,

Hopsewee Plantation

Hopsewee Plantation, also known as the Thomas Lynch, Jr., Birthplace or Hopsewee-on-the-Santee, is a plantation house built in 1735 near Georgetown, South Carolina. It served as a Lowcountry rice farm.

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More Details About Hopsewee Plantation

Address:494 Hopsewee Rd, Georgetown, SC 29440, United States
Contact:+1 843-546-7891

FAQs about Georgetown, GA

Is Georgetown in Savannah city limits?

Georgetown is located across the Little Ogeechee River and city limits from Savannah, Georgia. It is a suburb “bedroom community” in Savannah where most of its adult residents live.

Is Georgetown GA a good place to live?

Georgetown is a peaceful, quiet and reserved area to live. My home is located on the banks of Lake Eufala. There aren’t many shops and there isn’t much to see in the town.