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Columbus: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Columbus, Georgia

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Travel Attractions – Columbus, Georgia

The attractive red-brick city Columbus, located on the Chattahoochee river just 100 miles from Atlanta and just a stones throw from Alabama is quickly becoming one of the most popular places in the South. This dynamic city of almost 200,000 people was established in 1828. It is also the location of the Civil War’s final battle. 

You can find a wide range of experiences for couples or families looking to escape the city. These include shopping trips, dinners in Uptown Columbus and exploring a number of museums and attractions. The city’s riverfront is a great place to take a walk, but it also attracts adventure seekers. 

Many businesses offer exciting rafting adventures for both beginners and experienced rafters. Columbus is also one of the most bike-friendly cities in America. You can also bike along the Chattahoochee’s pedestrian-shared paths. There are many mountain biking opportunities nearby, such as Flat Rock Park just a few kilometers from the city.

Mode of Transport

There are many shared transportation options, such as Uber, Lyft and Groome, which offer shuttle service from Columbus and Fort Benning to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. A great public transportation system is also available to us. The primary mode of mass transport in Muscogee County is the METRA Transit System. It currently operates 17 buses and 9 routes in the Columbus area.

Best Time To Travel

The average temperature in Columbus varies greatly. The hottest months to visit Columbus are July, August and June. Below are the average monthly temperatures. The hottest time of the year is usually early August. Temperatures average around 93.9degF (34.4degC), with night temperatures seldom falling below 73.6degF (23.1degC).

Columbus Botanical Garden

The Columbus Botanical Garden was established in 1999. It is a great place to take a break. It is located on 36 acres, just 15 minutes from downtown. If you want to see everything, expect to spend several hours exploring the attraction. The attraction is a beautiful place to walk at any time of the year.

Image Credit : Flickr

It features a large forest tract made up of hardwood and pine trees, which provides shelter in the summer and greenery in the winter. It also includes a display garden and an historic farmhouse that dates back to the late 19th century. The trail network is easy to follow. You can take a tour of the building.

Although most of the flowers here bloom in spring and summer (mostly), winter has its bright stars with bright pink camellias plants that show their stuff from January through March. Birders can enjoy a visit any time of the year. A feeding program makes sure there is always something feathery to look out for.

More Details About Columbus Botanical Garden

Website: https://columbusbotanicalgarden.org/
Address: 3603 Weems Rd, Columbus, GA 31909, United State
Contact: +1 706-327-8400

National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center

This museum is free to visit. This museum, which covers 190,000 square feet, is located on Fort Benning, the fifth-largest army base in the world. It opened in June 2009. It takes at least two to three hours to complete.

Image Credit : Flickr

The museum is divided into multiple themed galleries that feature exhibits and displays covering everything from the founding of the United States Army, WWII, Vietnam, and the experiences and lessons learned by modern soldiers and officers. The highlights include impressive displays of uniforms, weapons, and a giant screen theater with combat simulators.

More Details About National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center

Website: https://nationalinfantrymuseum.org/
Address: 1775 Legacy Way, Columbus, GA 31903, United States
Contact: +1 706-685-5800

National Civil War Naval Museum

The National Civil War Naval Museum, which focuses on an earlier period in America’s military history is located a bit closer to Columbus and can be reached via the Chattahoochee riverWalk. The museum is located in a park-like setting and was opened in 1962. It focuses on both the navies of the conflict.

Image Credit : Flickr

The museum also has a large collection uniforms, weapons and memorabilia. Two vessels that were part of the Confederate States Navy, the Muscogee, and the Chattahoochee, are among the most striking sights. Both are stunningly preserved but the Muscogee’s 180-foot-long hull gives the best view of Confederate firepower.

The museum also has a “battleexperience theater,” which offers a virtual experience of Civil War naval conflict. It also houses a large collection naval cannons. There are a variety of guided tours available as well as workshops and lectures. Each March, the River Blast Festival is a wonderful time to visit. It features Civil War reenactments, music, food trucks and the firing off of some museum cannons.

More Details About National Civil War Naval Museum

Website: https://www.portcolumbus.org/
Address: 1002 Victory Dr, Columbus, GA 31901, United States
Contact: +1 706-327-9798

RiverCenter for the Performing Arts

The RiverCenter for the Performing Arts opened its doors in 2002 and has been hosting a variety of cultural events, concerts, as well as theatrical performances, since then. It’s also a large venue. The venue covers 240,000 square feet and includes a concert hall as well as a stage that can host everything from rock bands to complete orchestras and operas.

Image Credit : Flickr

A three-level theater is also available. A concert with the venue’s multi-million dollar organ will provide a unique experience. It has three levels of pipes and is used to perform organ recitals, choir performances and accompany classic movies. You will also find rehearsal rooms and an outdoor concert hall.

More Details About RiverCenter for the Performing Arts

Website: https://rivercenter.org/
Address: 900 Broadway, Columbus, GA 31901, United States
Contact: +1 706-256-3612

Chattahoochee Riverwalk

The Chattahoochee RiverWalk runs 15 miles along the river. It opened in 1992. This asphalt, concrete, and brick pathway is beautifully landscaped and maintained. It has gentle curves and some slopes, but it’s generally easy to follow. River Road and Baltzell Avenue are the starting points.

Image Credit : Flickr

The RiverWalk is equally popular with cyclists and pedestrians. It can be accessed from many locations along the route. Visitors can stop by the city’s lively downtown to grab a bite or refreshments. They can then pick up the trail or jump straight to another section. The most picturesque spot passes by an assortment of old warehouses and mills that once served the city as a major trading destination. Many of these red-brick buildings are now hotels. Banks Food Hall and City Mills Hotel are two examples.

More Details About chattahoochee riverwalk

Website: https://visitcolumbusga.com/visit/things-to-do/chattahoochee_riverwalk

Coca-Cola Space Science Center

The Coca-Cola Space Science Center, which is located just steps from the Columbus Riverwalk, is a great spot for families who want to entertain their children. The facility offers a variety of activities for teens and younger children, including simulators that simulate space travel and stargazing in its observatory.

Image Credit : Flickr

The center’s state of the art planetarium, the Omnisphere Theater is a must-see, especially during the “Music Under the Dome” concerts. It combines live music and video projections to create an unforgettable experience that is accessible to all ages. It houses a large collection of artifacts from NASA’s space program as well as exhibits that detail the history of Apollo moon landings. The center also has a gift shop.

More Details About Coca-Cola Space Science Center

Website: https://www.ccssc.org/
Address: 701 Front Ave, Columbus, GA 31901, United States
Contact: +1 706-649-1477

White Water Adventure

The Chattahoochee River is fast flowing, making Columbus a top choice for whitewater rafters looking to experience a thrilling whitewater rafting adventure. Whitewater Express offers guided rafting trips that allow you to experience the rapids. Whitewater Express is easy to locate on the Chattahoochee riverwalk and offers fun experiences for both novice and seasoned rafters.

Image Credit : Flickr

The “Classic” trip is for beginners and can be used by families to tackle some of the Chattahoochee River’s gentler rapids. Ambush Rapid will be your starting point. After that, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride to the Pemberton Falls. The “Challenge”, which features aggressive surfing and the notorious Cutbait rapid, is for serious rafters.

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