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Americus: Top 7 Best Places to Visit in Americus, Georgia

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Travel Attractions – Americus, Georgia

Americus in Georgia is an unassuming city that serves as a historical and educational center. Two academic institutions are located in the area, Georgia Southwestern State University (GSSU) and South Georgia Technical College (SGTC). This is why there is a diverse and young community that welcomes all types of curious travelers.

It has a rich history, as reflected in its former nickname, “The Metropolis in Southwest Georgia.” This bustling city led to many innovations in transportation and architecture. Development slowed over the years. However, you can still see traces of the past in the city’s historic district and community parks. If you are looking to get lost in the rich history of Southwest Georgia, then this is the perfect place.

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Koinonia Farm

Koinonia Farm is undoubtedly one of the most friendly and welcoming places in this region of Georgia. The place was founded in 1942 and became a refuge for love and acceptance during a time when racism and discrimination were rampant. The farm’s owners were subject to harassment and property loss, but it has since become a sanctuary where people can enjoy simple living.

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Many people visit the farm to spend a few days and take part in the communal living. You’ll also find many beautiful sights in the forested areas and verdant gardens. But you would feel the need to help with the day-today activities.

More Details About Koinonia Farm

Address:1324 GA-49, Americus, GA 31719, United States
Contact:+1 229-924-0391

Griffin Bell Golf Course

Griffin Bell Golf Course is great for amateurs and professionals alike. The Georgia Southwestern State University manages this 18-hole, scenic course, which is open to all who wish to play golf. The facility features manicured fairways and greens, undulating terrain and beautiful treeline.

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This will enhance your experience. However, if you are a skilled putter and course manager, this shouldn’t be a problem. Book a time to play the course and book a tee-time during your visit to Americus!

More Details About Griffin Bell Golf Course

Address:1800 S Lee St, Americus, GA 31709, United States
Contact:+1 229-924-2914

Rylander Theater

Another highlight of the historic district is the Rylander Theater. Although it might look ordinary from the outside, the interiors of the facility have been completely renovated to reflect the Art Deco style it had originally. Modern comforts and amenities were also included in the restorations.

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Americus’ top performers will perform thought-provoking plays and dazzling live music performances. You can also watch captivating dance recitals. Visit their website to see the latest events and plan your trip.

More Details About Rylander Theater

Address:310 W Lamar St, Americus, GA 31709, United States
Contact:+1 229-931-0001

Wolf Creek Plantation

The region is home to a growing wine scene. Americus also has a few wineries. The fields are dotted with grapevines of different varieties, whose fruit the owners harvest for their award-winning beverages.

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The tasting room is open to the public and you can sample their full-bodied whites and fruity reds.

More Details About Wolf Creek Plantation

Address:207 Wolf Creek Dr, Americus, GA 31709, United States
Contact:+1 229-942-0091

Lenny’s Farmers Market

Although Americus does not have an official farmers’ market, Leny’s Farmers Market makes up for it. You can buy the bounty of the nearby farms from this small open-air location.

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Local growers provide fresh produce so residents and visitors have access to delicious and healthy food. You will also find stalls selling freshly baked goods, artisanal furnishings, preserves, and handmade crafts.

More Details About Lenny’s Farmers Market

Address:110 N Hampton St, Americus, GA 31709, United States
Contact:+1 229-924-4411

SAM Shortline Excursion Train

SAM Shortline Excursion Trains are a unique way of traveling in Southwest Georgia. At least, that’s what today’s standards say. As you can see in the extensive railroad networks, trains used to be the primary mode of transportation in the region. The last vestiges of this industry are the SAM Shortline Excursion Trains, which are based in Cordele.

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Visitors can board the vintage cars to head to many famous spots around the area. You’ll be treated to the same level of luxury as passengers in the past, but with a few modern improvements like air conditioning. It’s worth the journey, because you’ll be able to see the vast plains of rugged landscapes along the way.

More Details About SAM Shortline Excursion Train

Address:105 9th Ave E, Cordele, GA 31015, United States
Contact:+1 229-276-0755

Muckalee Creek

Muckalee Creek is a vital source of irrigation and nutrients for Americus’ farms. This tiny body of water is 76 miles long, with a small segment passing through the western border of Americus. Its waters are often calm, so many people enjoy kayaking or canoeing.

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Nonmotorized watercraft is ideal for exploring the hidden areas of the creek, as the loud engines of boats might scare the birds, insects, and
There are occasional otters that swim in the shallows. But if you want to catch wildlife, you have the option of fishing in the deeper sections.
Many largemouth basses, Channel catfish and northern pikes can be found in the depths.

FAQs about Americus, Georgia

What is Americus Georgia known for?

Americus is Habitat for Humanity’s international headquarters. It also houses Georgia Southwestern State University, The Windsor Hotel, The Fuller Center for Housing’s international headquarters, The Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers and Cafe Campesino.

Is Americus GA a good place to live?

Americus is ranked fourth for property crime, with a score of 95 points out of 100 according to Best Places. It’s actually ‘per 1,000’ for properties crimes (60.65) which is almost ten times the rate of Johns Creek.

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