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Locust Grove: Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Locust Grove, Georgia

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FUN FACT: There is 158 Locust Grove properties that are on the National Register of Historic Places.

POINTS OF INTERESTED: Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary & French Market & Tavern & Locust Grove Train Watching Platform & Birdsong Books

Attractions in Locust Grove, Georgia

Locust Grove is located just 30 miles from Downtown Atlanta and offers a wide range of attractions. These include shopping, train watching, hiking, and more. The Henry County’s southernmost town has a rich and exciting history.

It’s easy for visitors to discover through the many points of interests. Locust Grove, a major rail distribution hub for goods such as cotton, peaches, and other commodities, was established before it was incorporated.

You’ll find a wide range of shopping and recreational options that make Locust Grove a great place to take a girls trip, family vacation, or just for a day out.

Noah's Ark Rehabilitation Center

Noah’s Ark is an organization that cares for over 1,500 animals. This includes exotic wildlife and domestic animals. Noah’s Ark creates habitats that are in the best interest of animals and mimic their natural environment.

Image Credit : Facebook

Noah’s Ark encourages responsible, humane and informed animal ownership and treatment. More than 1,500 animals, including exotic and wild, have made Noah’s Ark their permanent home. They have over 100 species of animals among them.

Noah’s Ark is available from Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, weather permitting. Visitors can visit the Animal Habitats from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM only. The Welcome Center, Picnic Area and Playground are available from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

More Details About Noah’s Ark Rehabilitation Center

Website: Noah’s Ark Rehabilitation Center
Address: 712 L. G. – Griffin Road, Locust Grove, GA
Contact: +1 (770) 957-0888

French Market & Tavern

Southern culture is centered on food. At The French Market & Tavern, historic downtown Locust Grove you can enjoy timeless comfort foods and New Orleans-inspired dishes in a charming setting.

Image Credit : Facebook

The shop offers a wide range of unique items for home, and guests will be eager to discover more after a great meal. Contact the Henry County Convention & Visitors Bureau to learn more about The French Market & Tavern and other dining options in Henry County.

A wide variety of events are held at the French Market & Tavern, which is open to both the public and private. Check their events calendar to see the latest happenings. There are paint-and-sip events as well as wine and whiskey tastings, lunchtime yoga, and more. The French Market & Tavern is a must-see for any visitor.

You’ll be amazed by the over 30 Westville buildings, which include homes, general stores and churches.

More Details About French Market & Tavern

Website: French Market & Tavern
Address: 3840 Highway 42 South, Locust Grove, GA
Contact: +1 (770) 914-9312

Tanger Outlets Locust Grove

You can save big on your favorite designer merchandise at name-brand stores such as: Lucky Brand Jeans (Polo Ralph Lauren), Lucky Brand Jeans (Nike), Tommy Hilfiger, Chico’s and Coach), Reebok, Talbots, and many others.

Image Credit : Facebook

To find the most recent Tanger Outlet Coupons & Sales offers for Tanger Outlets located in Locust Grove, visit the Tanger Outlet website. You can also visit Shopper Services when you get to the outlets to learn more about TangerClub.

Shopper Services has a variety of coupon books that offer great savings. If you’re already a TangerClub member, you can also get a free coupon book! Think Tanger, Think Outlets.

More Details About Tanger Outlets Locust Grove

Website: Tanger Outlets Locust Grove
Address: 1000 Tanger Dr., Locust Grove, GA
Contact: +1 (770) 957-5310

Planters Walk Antique Mall

Image Credit : Facebook

Planters Walk has everything you need, from furniture and jewelry to home decor and architectural items. There is something for everyone: Vintage, Antique, and New.

There are many treasures that can be used to decorate your home. Although the staff is usually quite helpful, they will not leave you alone. Some booths may have handmade items, so not everything you see is antique.

More Details About Planters Walk Antique Mall

Website: Planters Walk Antique Mall
Address: 751 Jackson St, Locust Grove, GA 30248
Contact: +1 678-432-5250

The HoneyComb Cottage Day Spa

Image Credit : Facebook

No longer are facials and massages the same thing. Visit The HoneyComb Cottage to experience a true spa experience. Although this spa is located in a charming, historic home, the skincare and massage techniques are top-notch. We are sure you will not regret visiting us!

More Details About The HoneyComb Cottage Day Spa

Website: The HoneyComb Cottage Day Spa
Address: 4044 Highway 42, Locust Grove, GA 30248
Contact: +1 678 561 5585

Locust Grove Train Watching Platform

Image Credit : Facebook

From the safety and comfort of your train watching platform, you can watch nearly 40 trains thunder through Historic Downtown every day. The Platform has a scanner radio, lighting and picnic tables.

There is plenty of seating. Parking is plentiful and accessible for handicapped persons. Although there are no rail schedules, the tracks are active. Railfans from all over the world love our Train Watching Platform!

More Details About Locust Grove Train Watching Platform

Address: 4044 Highway 42, Locust Grove, GA 30248
Contact: +1 678 561 5585

FAQs: More Details About Locust Grove, Georgia

What is Locust Grove, GA known for?

Now a National Historic Landmark, Locust Grove is a unique example of early Kentucky architecture, craftsmanship, and history.

Is Locust Grove, GA a good place to live?

Living in Locust Grove offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. Many families and young professionals live in Locust Grove and residents tend to lean liberal. The public schools in Locust Grove are above average.

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