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Hinesville: Top 6 Best Places to Visit in Hinesville, Georgia

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The city was named after Charles Hines, a local senator. Hinesville, which was incorporated into a city in 1912 is one of the fastest-growing cities in the southeast United States.

Places to Explore – Hinesville, Georgia

In southeast Georgia’s Liberty County, you will find the laid-back and friendly city of Hinesville. It is located close to the state’s Atlantic Ocean coast and was established in 1838. Although one website called Hinesville “the most boring city in Georgia”, this superficial assessment does not take into account the many cultural and natural attractions found in Hinesville and its surrounding areas.

Old Liberty County Jail

The Old Liberty County Jail could be mistaken for a beautiful family home if it weren’t for the metal bars that run vertically across its windows.

The red-brick Liberty County Jail was built in 1892. It served for more than 80 year as the jail, the longest time of any other jail in the region. The ground floor was split into a large, communal space that was known as a drunk tank in the United States.

Image Credit : Flickr

It was designed to house those who had consumed too much alcohol. Two cells were also present. There were also two additional cells upstairs, as you can see by the self-guided tour.

More Details About Old Liberty County Jail

Website: Old Liberty County Jail
Address: 302 S Main St, Hinesville, GA 31313, United States

Bryant Commons Park

This small area of park is decorated with American flags. It was created to honor those who served in the Second World War.

Bryant Commons Park, a beautiful urban park located in downtown Hinesville, covers an area of just over 60 hectares. The park, which was once Glenn E Bryant’s homestead, offers something for everyone.

Image Credit : Facebook

The park features a large playground for children, a pond with attractive streams and a dog park. There are also pieces of agility training equipment. The Veteran’s Memorial Walk (also known as the Warrior’s Walk) is located in the park.

More Details About Bryant Commons Park

Website: Bryant Commons Park
Address: 438 W Oglethorpe Hwy, Hinesville, GA 31313, United States
Contact: +1 912-877-4332

Hinesville Area Arts Council Gallery

The Hinesville Area Arts Council owns and runs the gallery. It plays a dual role in the community.

Image Credit : Facebook

Its walls, both inside and outside, serve two purposes. They are a place for local artists to showcase their talents. It also offers classes in public art for anyone who wants to express their Picasso-ness. Each month, a different artist from the Hinesville area is honored with an exhibit. Classes are open to all ages.

More Details About Hinesville Area Arts Council Gallery

Website: Hinesville Area Arts Council Gallery
Address: 102 S Commerce St, Hinesville, GA 31313, United States

Third Infantry Division Museum

Interactive exhibits that detail the history of Fort Stewart’s development from Camp Stewart are some of the permanent displays.

Image Credit : Facebook

The US military operates the Third Infantry Division Museum, which is located in Fort Stewart just north of Hinesville. It is open to the public. This museum covers approximately 4,000m2 of exhibition space. The museum also has a variety of weaponry and historic battlefield ready tanks. A growing aviation gallery is also available at the museum.

More Details About Third Infantry Division Museum

Website: Third Infantry Division Museum
Address: 158 Cavalry Way, Fort Stewart, GA 31314, United States
Contact: +1 912-767-7885

ITPA National Telephone Museum

The museum now occupies Bryant Commons Park. This is fitting as Glenn E Bryant, a prominent figure in the state’s telecommunications industries for decades.

Image Credit : Facebook

ITPA National Telephone Museum is in central Hinesville. The museum was originally located in Washington DC. It moved to its current location in 2000. Exhibits tell the story of the phone from its infancy to today’s minicomputer smartphones.

More Details About ITPA National Telephone Museum

Website: ITPA National Telephone Museum
Address: 438 W Oglethorpe Hwy, Hinesville, GA 31313, United States
Contact: +1 912-408-4872

Cherokee Rose Golf Course

The three sets of tees make it accessible to all levels of golfers, regardless their handicap or skill level.

Image Credit : Facebook

Cherokee Rose Golf Course was opened in 1971. It is semi-private and welcomes anyone who wants to play a few rounds on its 18-hole course. The course was created by local residents. Cherokee Rose is rated 69.4 by the USGA and measures just over 6,100 meters (5,578 m).

More Details About Cherokee Rose Golf Course

Website: Cherokee Rose Golf Course
Address: 225 Cherokee Trail, Hinesville, GA 31313, United States
Contact: +1 912-876-5503

FAQs: More Details About Hinesville, Georgia

What is Hinesville GA known for?

Hinesville, one of the fastest-growing cities in Southeast Georgia is home to Fort Stewart, the 3rd Infantry Division and the largest Army installation east the Mississippi River. Visit Ft. Stewart to honor our heroes and see Warrior’s Walk.

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