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Burien : 7 Top Best Things To Do in Burien,Washington

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Burien, located south of the Emerald City along the banks Puget Sound’s shores, is a quiet suburban community that has a rich local history dating back hundreds of years. It was established in the middle of 19th century. The city grew quickly to be the incorporated community it is today.

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Burien’s location on the Puget Sound shores is full of hidden gems. You should support local businesses and enjoy stunning views from vantage points. For more activities in Burien, Washington, continue reading.

Best Time To Visit in Burien

Burien’s average temperatures vary widely. The humidity means that temperatures are cold for half the year, but pleasant with some precipitation the other half. The region is not as temperate as some, ranking in the 34th percentile of tourist destinations worldwide for pleasant weather. is the higher ranking for weeks with perfect weather. The hottest months to visit Burien are July, August and September.

Seahurst Beach Park, Burien, Washington #1

Seahurst Beach Park, a charming Burien park that spans 178 acres on the banks of Puget Sound, was established in 1996. It is a popular summer spot for Seattle residents. The park boasts 2,000 feet of beachfront that acts as a seawall. Visitors to the park can see a variety native wildlife including pheasants and eagles as well as seabirds and other marine life from the Sound’s coastline. The park’s northern and southern ends are separated by a large, wetland creek basin.

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 The park is currently under significant restorations in order to restore much of its lands back to their natural state. This makes it an ideal afternoon excursion for those who want to escape the city hustle and bustle.

More Details About Seahurst Beach Park

Address :  1600 SW Seahurst Park Rd, Burien, WA 98166, United States
Phone : +1 206-988-3700
Website : Seahurst Beach Park

Blissful Knead, Burien, Washington #2

The full-service, premium spa at Blissful Knead in Burien is open seven days a semaine during the afternoon and night hours. This spa offers luxurious massage treatments including 60, 90, 90, and 120 minute treatments. These treatments are designed to help participants relax and take away any stress. Each massage is customized to suit the needs of each client and their goals for holistic health. Classic Swedish massage techniques are a great way to increase circulation and boost the body’s natural healing capabilities

Image Source : Mindbody

Sports and deep tissue massages can also be offered to address specific areas of muscle tension. Each of the massage therapists at the company are licensed professionals, which ensures that all participants have professional, high-quality experiences.

More Details About Blissful Knead

Address : 140 SW 153rd St, Burien, WA 98166, United States
Phone : +1 206-939-6007
Website : Blissful Knead

Seattle Ballooning , Burien , Washington #3

Seattle Ballooning offers one-of-a-kind luxury hot-air balloon rides that take you directly over Mount Rainier. This company is located in Auburn, a nearby suburb. It offers a unique way to see the Seattle skyline against the backdrop of beautiful Cascade Mountains.

Image Source : Wikimedia

French-inspired hot-air balloons can be hired for private or semi-private flights for up to four people throughout the year. For weddings, engagements, and anniversary celebrations, private experiences are a great choice. All flights include a toast with champagne and elegant hors-d’oeuvres at the end.

More Details About Seattle Ballooning

Address : 2825 SW 170th St, Burien, WA 98166, United States
Phone : +1 206-747-5802
Website : Seattle Ballooning

Model railroads at Electric Train Shop,Burien, Washington #4

The Electric Train Shop is a must-see if you are interested in trains. The Electric Train Shop is a unique attraction in Burien that houses an impressive collection model railroads and trains, all set up to make one heck of an exhibit. Scott, a passionate hobbyist, can let you watch the trains pass and talk to you.

Image source : Wikimedia

Electric Train Shop has models that you can buy, as well sets and scenery, in case you are interested in building your own railroad network.

More Details About Model railroads at Electric Train Shop

Address : 625 SW 152nd St, Burien, WA 98166, United States
Phone : +1 206-244-7077
Website : N/A

Bakery Nouveau, Burien , Washington #5

Sweet treats. Freshly baked bread right out of the oven Chocolates. Amazing coffee! This is heaven! It may be paradise, with all that Bakery Nouveau has to offer. Grab breakfast pastries for a start to your day, some macarons and chocolates for the rest, and, if possible, some seasonal treats! Bakery Nouveau also has locations in West Seattle, Capitol Hill and Seattle.

Image Source : EaterSeattle

More Details About Bakery Nouveau

Address :  426 SW 153rd St, Burien, WA 98166, United States
Phone : +1 206-717-2100
Website : Bakery Nouveau

Burien Actors Theatre, Burien, Washington #6

Enjoy a performance by local talent at the Burien Actors Theater, a community-based theatre that was founded in 1995. The Burien Actors Theatre is a community-based theatre that aims to make people laugh, cry, and even dream at the same time. They challenge the norms of today and celebrate the diversity of the theatre.

Image Source : WestsideSeattle

The Burien Actors Theatre offers great entertainment, including the opportunity for aspiring actors to audition and theatre lovers to give their time to be part of live theatre. The BAT hosts a Script Club, a gathering of theatre enthusiasts who read through scripts and discuss them in a similar fashion to book clubs.

More Details About Burien Actors Theatre

Address : 437 SW 144th St, Burien, WA 98166, United States
Phone : +1 206-242-5180
Website : Burien Actors Theatre

Highline Heritage Museum, Burien,Washington#7

The Highline Heritage Museum is dedicated in collecting, telling, preserving, and sharing the history and heritage of the Highline and the surrounding community. The museum believes that understanding one’s history is key to understanding a community, and Highline in particular. The museum is open from Thursday through Sunday, 1-5 pm. Visitors can tour the regular gallery or go behind-the scenes to see the research collections.

Image Source : Seattlesouthside

 Regular seasonal exhibits are also held at the Highline Heritage Museum by different artists, such as Phillip Levine’s Expressing Human Figure or Arnulfo RAMirez Exhibit.

More Details About Highline Heritage Museum

Address : 819 SW 152nd St, Burien, WA 98166, United States
Phone : +1 206-402-4029
Website : Highline Heritage Museum

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