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Rincon: Top 5 Best Places to Visit in Rincon, Georgia

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Visitor Information Center: 302 S. Columbia Avenue Rincon, GA 31326 Local: (912) 826-5745

Attractions in Rincon, Georgia

Rincon was once a small town on the turn-of-the century railroad. Today, Rincon is a vital part Effingham County’s economic growth. It provides residents with a community they can call home. The Georgia Salzburger Society Museum is also located in Rincon.

It is situated on the original 1737 Ebenezer Orphanage site, the first of its kind in Georgia. It celebrates Austrian heritage.

BackWater Expeditions

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BackWater Expeditions offers private custom trips to people who want to make the most of their leisure time. Since 1996, we have been in the family business. We offer many services and our sole concern is to provide educational and enjoyable tours for you and your family.

Visit our website if you’re planning on visiting Savannah, GA, or Hilton Head, SC.

More Details About BackWater Expeditions

Website: BackWater Expeditions
Address: 128 Exley Rd S, Rincon, GA 31326-3622
Contact: +1 912-398-6930

Madrac Farms

It’s difficult to decide which is more exciting to see: the Madrac Farms pumpkin, weighing in at 100+ pounds, or the scenic 10-minute hayride through the woods. These are only two of the many fall activities available at the farm.

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Family members can explore the corn maze’s twists and turns, grab a potato bag and slide down a slide. Then, they can head to the pumpkin patch and pick their Orange Bulldog pumpkin. These pumpkins are a University of Georgia-developed variety that thrives in heat and humidity.

Farm animals, such as chickens and goats, are available to greet visitors in the barnyard. They will also feed them some treats. The farm also grows their own pumpkins and imports them from the rest of the U.S.

More Details About Madrac Farms

Website: Madrac Farms
Address: 580 Ralph Rahn Rd, Rincon, GA 31326-3104
Contact: +1 912-704-7651

Savannah Historic District

Savannah’s Historic District is home to one of the most stunning cities in the world. It features cobblestone streets and manicured gardens as well as oak-shaded parks that are dotted with silvery Spanish Moss.

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Georgia is a great place to visit – it’s full of culture, festivals and concerts, as well as outdoor cafes, restaurants, and Southern hospitality. Savannah is the largest National Historic Landmark District of the United States.

It contains over twenty squares that are filled with museums, churches and mansions as well as monuments and forts from the Revolutionary & Civil War eras.

More Details About Savannah Historic District

Address: 301 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah, GA 31401-4217
Contact: +1 912-944-0455

National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

The National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force is located just miles away from Downtown Savannah, where the Eighth Air Force was established on January 28, 1942.

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It tells the inspiring story of ordinary people who saw their lives transformed by extraordinary sacrifice and commitment. These artifacts include a restored B-17 Flying Fortress, photos and oral histories donated to veterans and their families.

They tell the stories of wartime England and missions over occupied Europe. You should not miss the National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force.

More Details About National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

Website: National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force
Address: 175 Bourne Ave, Pooler, GA 31322-9516
Contact: +1 912-748-8888

Butterducks Winery

Butterducks Winery is a relaxing getaway in the heart of Georgia, just a short distance from Savannah. We are passionate about winemaking and we love what we do. We truly care about providing an exceptional wine experience for you!

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Eighteen stainless-steel tanks are currently in our possession. We are experiencing growing pains in our tank room, and we owe all that to our amazing customers. The tank room is open for tours twice a year. We offer tours the second week in November for Customer Appreciation Weekend, and the first week March for our Anniversary Celebration weekend.

For more information, please see Events! It makes it so much easier to make a decision when you have the chance to taste our wines. There are three options for tasting at the Butterducks Winery. A free tasting includes three wines; a deluxe tasting allows you to taste six wines and receive a souvenir glass.

The “Grand Tasting”, our newest tasting allows you to taste up to 10 wines, and you can keep the larger souvenir glasses.

More Details About Butterducks Winery

Website: Butterducks Winery
Address: 3332 Blue Jay Rd, Guyton, GA 31312-5702
Contact: +1 912-728-9463

FAQs: More Details About Rincon, Georgia

Is Rincon, GA a good place to live?

The City of Rincon is blessed with a diverse council that works together to improve the quality life of its residents. As a result, Rincon was ranked as the #1 most desirable city for young families in Georgia and 10th for happy residents in Georgia.

What is Rincon, GA known for?

The Georgia Salzburger Society Museum is also located in Rincon. It is situated on the site where was founded the 1737 Ebenezer Orphanage. This is the first Georgian orphanage. It celebrates Austrian heritage.

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