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Columbus: Top 5 Amazing Places To Visit In Columbus, Georgia

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Tourist Attractions in Columbus

While visiting Columbus, Georgia, don’t be afraid to go to museums. The largest museum in the southeast tells the history of the Chattahoochee River Valley, dating back to prehistoric times. You can see everything from sculptures by Chihuly to crafted furniture. You can also take in the gardens, which were designed by the firm founded by Frederick Law Olmsted. In addition to museums, Columbus is home to the only naval museum in the world that tells the stories of the Civil War.

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The Columbus Museum is equal parts regional history and art museum. As the state’s second largest art museum, the exhibits here tell the history of the region and city. Over 14,000 works of art from renowned collections throughout the world are on display. While you’re here, check out the live demonstrations and other events. You might even meet someone who is famous in the field. And if you’re interested in art history, head to the Columbus Museum for a fascinating day out.

If you’re looking for an evening of theater, you’ll be able to find a show that’s right for you. The state’s Springer Opera House, opened in 1871, was designated as the State Theatre of Georgia in 1992. The theatre features year-round programming, featuring Broadway-style musicals, but it’s also home to a thriving Children’s Theatre. The theater also features a Theatre for the Very Young series, which serves a child audience as young as two years old.

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Columbus Botanical Garden #1

The Columbus Botanical Garden lies on 22 acres of beautiful land, just north from the city. The garden is an ideal place to watch nature, practice photography, and go for walks on the many well-maintained paths.

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Children and adults can both attend horticultural seminars. Educational events and workshops are also available. You can visit the garden for free with a suggested donation $2 per person. It is open daily from dawn to dusk. Private guided tours for groups of 10 and more are available upon request.

Columbus Eats Food Tours #2

Columbus Eats Food Tours run every Saturday at 11:30am. They take guests on a 3-hour tour to some of the most popular restaurants in Columbus. It covers a 2-mile distance and stops at five to six local eateries. You can also sample some of their special dishes. As you walk, knowledgeable guides provide information about local culture and history as well as interesting facts about Columbus.

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Columbus Eats also hosts a Happy Hour Tour Friday evenings, where guests can try local drinks as well as appetizers. The Columbus Eats Food Tour caters to adults and children aged 13-13 years. Uptown Happy Hour Tours can only be taken by guests older than 21 years.

Enjoy riding a bike along Chattahoochee RiverWalk #3

The Chattahoochee RiverWalk is a 15-mile stretch that runs along the river. It was opened in 1992. This asphalt, concrete, brick and concrete pathway has been meticulously landscaped and maintained. While it does have some gentle curves, it is generally easy-to-follow. River Road and Baltzell Ave are the starting points.

RiverWalk attractions and the river are just as popular with cyclists as with pedestrians. They can be accessed from several locations along the route. Visitors can easily stop by the city’s bustling downtown for a quick bite or refreshments. Later, they can pick up where they left off or jump into another part of the trail.

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One of the most stunning spots passes by a collection od old warehouses mills, plants and other structures that used to be the city’s old port. They serve as a reminder of its former importance and status as a major trade hub. Many of these old red-brick buildings have been restored and turned into hotels such as the Boutique-style City Mills Hotel or Banks Food Hall.

Along the route, you’ll also see the Columbus State University Riverside Theatre Complex and RushSouth Whitewater Park. This is one of America’s longest golf courses. RiverWalk is also a focal point for a variety fun festivals, events, concert and concerts.

National Infantry Museum, Soldier Center #4

It’s possible to walk the Chattahoochee RiverWalk all way to the Soldier Center on Columbus’ southern outskirts. However, it takes at least half of a day. Although the bike ride takes about 30 minutes, you can double up and get to two fantastic tourist attractions. The drive takes less than 10 minutes and there’s plenty of free parking.

No matter how you arrive, this museum is free and well worth your time. It is located at the Fort Benning edge, the fifth-largest army base in the world. This huge museum covers 190,000 feet and takes between two and three hours to explore, depending on how much information you need.

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There are many themed galleries that feature exhibits and displays covering everything from the origins of the United States Army to WWII and Vietnam. A giant screen theater shows off impressive uniforms and weapons collections, as well as combat simulators.

Other attractions are also available on the grounds covering 155 acres. These include Fort Benning’s original WWII-era buildings like General Patton’s camp headquarter, a paradeground and stadium, aswell as a heritage trail. On the premises is also a gift store and restaurant. Guided tours of the property are also available.

National Civil War Naval Museum #5

The National Civil War Naval Museum has a more recent focus on the USA’s military heritage. It can be found closer to Columbus, and is also easily accessible from the Chattahoochee RiversideWalk. The museum, which has a park-like appearance, opened in 1962. It is devoted to the navies involved in the conflict. It also houses a vast collection of uniforms and memorabilia.

The remains of Chattahoochee and Muscogee, two Confederate States Navy vessels, are perhaps the most stunning sights. Although both vessels are well preserved, the Muscogee’s 180-foot-long shell gives the best representation of Confederate firepower.

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The museum’s “battle experience theatre”, a simulation that gives an immersive feel of Civil War naval conflict, is another highlight. There are also a number of naval cannons. Along with lectures and workshops, there are many guided tours. The River Blast Festival, which is held every March, is a great place to visit. It features Civil War Re-enactments as well as music and food trucks.

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FAQs about Columbus, Georgia

What is unique about Columbus GA?

Columbus, GA was among the first cities to be planned in America. Its central location on the Chattahoochee River made the city the primary trading point for early Americans. This allowed them to trade easily with Europe.

Why is Columbus Georgia called the Fountain City?

Introduction to Columbus, Georgia

Columbus is served by Interstate I-185 as well as U.S. Routes 27, 80 and 280 are available. Columbus, known as the Fountain City because of the many fountains that were installed there in the early 20th century is also home to Coca Cola’s birthplace and Columbus State University.

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